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RE: Time For Some Much Needed Tech Upgrades!

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You tease! Keep us waiting for the new gear. Good to see you kept the others going for a good while. I think I remember when you bought the Chromebook. My main PC is quite old now, but still works fine. I tended to build towers as I don't really need a laptop.

Have fun.



It's been awhile since I've had a desktop. I think the last tower I had was my Pentium II. I wanted to do a custom build and was researching it but was having a hard time finding graphics cards. Someone suggested ordering a pre-assembled one with a good GPU that I could upgrade down the road.

Didn't mean to be a tease 😇 I'm still waiting for more parts though. Speakers just arrived about 5 minutes ago. Amazon says monitor should arrive in the next couple hours! I ordered everything between Newegg and Amazon. Newegg actually beat Amazon by $100 on the tower surprisingly, otherwise I would have ordered everything in one place.


I was never too worried about GPUs as I don't play many games and I've not looked at mining with them. I heard the latter caused some shortages.

Sorry for the late reply. Just finished transferring all my data to the new computer.

Yeah mining has caused a run on GPUs they're really hard to find right now.

I'm not a gamer either but I've been thinking about checking out a couple now. They look like they've come a long way since the Duke Nukem days! 🤣

I needed a more powerful computer though, because the olds ones had a really hard time loading and keeping up with exchanges and the order books. It was getting crazy. I think what I bought may have been overkill though. 🤣

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