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RE: Time For Some Much Needed Tech Upgrades!

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Very nice! I can already tell by the box that it is going to be really awesome. After burning through several HP and Dell computers at work and always being dissatisfied by the ability to upgrade I finally went ahead and just built my own computer last time needed a new one. It has been so awesome. I love Chromebooks. I have a fleet of about 1500 of them and they are just so cheap, fast, and easy to manage. I take one with me whenever I travel.

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I was going to build my own this time around too. Apparently finding GPUs can be tough right now or costly. Someone suggested buying a pre-built computer with a decent GPU and just make sure it can be upgraded, so that's what I did. I've heard mixed reviews about the ROG computers, but they look cool and I thought I'd take a chance.

Chromebooks rock for basic computer needs. As long as you're not planning on coding with it or rely on it for gaming or intensive multimedia projects. They're great little machines for sure.

There used to be a fairly robust coding platform through Google that you could use a Chromebook with. I think it was limited in the languages it allowed though. That makes a lot of sense about the graphics card thing. I have been looking to upgrade my 1080 and I haven't had a ton of luck.

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Someone else was telling me about that too. I'm going to have to look into that. I've still been thinking about a laptop for the backpack. If I could do basic html, css, javascript on the Chromebook I'd prefer to just use that. I've found it difficult though.

I will see if I have it bookmarked somewhere and share it with you if I can find it.