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RE: Key Take Aways from HIVEFEST 2020 & My suggestions & My proposal to the Community

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Holy Gamoly, I am living under a rock !! Darkest Africa indeed. I did not even know HiveFest was on in this Covid times.

Some great points and well articulated (for a person with few brain cells {grin}) post @edje

I will read it again with more focus once the alcohol haze has subsided.


🤣🤣🤣 {LOL....LOL....LOL}

I have my moments. The intention was to go with a kinda short form, and then you've seen what happened... Guess I wrote this when my 2 cells didn't fight but worked together for once 😎

You take it easy coming days, too many stressful days ahead of us in 2021 anyways 😉