Hardfork 1.24.2 soon to be underway

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Its about 10:30am on the east coast, and I see many witnesses have updated to 1.24.2

I expect as more of the witnesses wake up on the west coast we will see a supermajority today making the hardfork happen. Dapps are moving over first, then the witnesses.


Looking forward to Hive's first hardfork, may happen in the next few hours from the looks of it.

If you have any questions about the hardfork many knowledgeable people can be found on the MSP discord:


special thanks to @crimsonclad @guiltyparties and @gtg that worked with the dapp owners to make this as smooth as possible.

10:50am update: Looks like @splinterlands is paused until the harkfork is over.



Looking good so far! Those guys are really workin their butts off

They sure did.. really happy to be with a community with such a group of committed individuals.

I'm hoping I can back onto HIVE after the Hardfork..!!
I haven't had access to it in Loooong time.

What do you mean you do not have access? I see you posted 13 hours ago on Hive.

You mean like peakd does not work? Like a certain dapp wont let you log in?

Good Morning..!
I just got back on HIVE blog yesterday. I was getting the error code for quite a few days.
I have been using PeakD . But I like to post from HIVE blog too 🐝


Yesterday there were some issues still being smoothed out post hard fork. Hive had its first hard fork which is basically an update to the software on the chain. After those updates things act a little weird sometimes until the devs sort it all out.

Glad its working for you now. I like to use peakd personally.

Thank You..!
It is working..!
I have gotten more familiar
and comfortable with PeakD over the past few days. I really like the feature that I am able to have multiple drafts saved that I'm working on...🤗..!!!

Very nice.. yeah peakd has some nice features for sure.