Finished powering down on Steem and made the account changes.

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Moved my last major powerdown over the weekend, now I just have a smaller powerdown to complete but not really worried about it.

Its good to be out from under control of those sockpuppets. I know many did not have it so easy.


Looking forward to Hive, I see its blockchain activity has really picked up and is now at all time highs. Hive is biting at Trons heels on the blocktivity top list. Looking forward to it passing it in the near future.


Cool! :D

What tool did you use on steem? can set that banner for your profile there.

And thanks! :D

I'm pretty much out of Steem too. Just some tiny amounts across a few accounts, but I'll take it anyway. They made me feel very unwelcome at the end.

Nice, glad your almost out as well. I think HN has lots of SP there and the spammy posts are welcome there.

It's just sad seeing them still earn from that crap. The quicker the Steem price crashes the better now I've sold mine. Who would invest when Steemit can just take it away?

 2 years ago 

Good going on getting out.

Yeah I think we are going to see more Justin Sun BS soon and I don't want any part of that.

 2 years ago 

You think he's gonna finally pull off the migration to Tron?

Yeah I do, but when is the question. Maybe when they break the blockchain doing another hard fork trying to copy paste code from Hive.

 2 years ago 

If they are copy/pasting, they would most likely do fine. But, I do doubt their ability to fine-tune or come up with anything original.

Oh my understanding is with the upcoming hardfork on Hive, if JS devs were to just copy and paste the Hive hardfork changes it will break the Steem blockchain. Or that's what I heard, not sure how accurate that is.

 2 years ago 

That would be funny.

Good going,I don't know why some are still staying in steem..

I think Justin Sun has many fans, though I'm not one of them. Maybe others had grudges on the old witnesses and dont want to come over to Hive.

In Hive we trust

Agreed, it's the place to be.