Conspiracy Station #2 - Privacy No More

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Sometimes after a busy day, we all want to sit down and relax. We take a moment to try and calm ourselves from any stressor. Perhaps we'd turn on the TV, look outside, or even talk about ways to distract ourselves from what we've spent all day doing.

Imagine the following scenario:

During whatever path to calm you decide on taking, you notice your phone or watch starts to vibrate with an alert. You look down at your smart device and realize that you should have left it at home, but had you, then you could have been cited for not following city ordinances. The option to leave your device at home no longer exists. The government requires its citizens to maintain a close physical distance to their devices and acknowledge an alert when it comes.

Someone is watching us. As we live in relative calm, our data gets collected, analyzed, and scrutinized to the degree that changes each human into a product. The application of RFID chips will change the human race into an Internet of Bodies.

Get ready, because one day you too will be a part of the Internet of Bodies!!

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"We are losing privacy at an alarming rate - we have none left."
-John McAfee

Welcome, to the second chapter of Conspiracy Station!
All aboard!


Mental Dessert

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Regardless of our expertise, we're all familiar with Radiofrequency Identification (RFID) technology. Take, for example, most purchases you make at clothing stores or supermarkets. A bar code comes on a product you wish to purchase. When you're ready to buy, bring what you want to the cashier. The cashier scans the product, tells you the cost, and then you pay. Voila! The product now belongs to you.

Depending upon how you paid, there might be a digital trail that follows you along. The bar code, or item tag, gets entered into the store's database. If you use a credit card, that card's number gets recorded along with your purchase. Security cameras can match the time of the purchase with the individual at the cash register. Couple this information with the time of the day and any special meaning associated with it (i.e., anniversary, birthday, etc.), and now you can add the buyer's intent to the mix. Seemingly unconnected data becomes meaningful in the information age. Your consent isn't even required.

Efforts are underway to bring humanity ever closer to a digital age where our body becomes a signal for detection used to data mine the human race.

Let's Take a Dive!


American Civil Liberties Union

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In 2003, The American Civil Liberties Union published a position piece on the implications of RFID technology. In their article entitled "RFID Position Statement", they held, among other things, that:

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an item-tagging technology with profound societal implications. Used improperly, RFID has the potential to jeopardize consumer privacy, reduce or eliminate purchasing anonymity, and threaten civil liberties.

They discuss those implications and how we, as a society, must regulate its use to avoid the inconvenience of a totalitarian government or society. I'm sure we can agree that certain countries are on the cusp of becoming as totalitarian as China or North Korea.


Conspiracies Take Shape

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No one has ever fully trusted the government. We can say the same thing about corporations. Businesses tend to think of humans as consumers versus free-thinking sentient beings when the goal is profit and market dominance. However, it sometimes doesn't help when people only act like consumers. Regardless, companies dare push the envelope forward to access more data. The technologies below are a few examples of where they lead us.

Google Edible Chip

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In 2013, the Google-owned company Motorola announced a new and profound technology in the form of a vitamin tablet. This tablet, powered by the acids in your stomach, sends out a signal that essentially functions as an authentication token. The intent, at the time, is that devices would be able to read that signal to certify that you've taken the desired medications.

Additionally, Motorola created an E-tattoo design that also functions as an RFID code. People could get tattoos of any trendy fashion design. Unsurprisingly, these tattoos can serve as an unlocking device for your phone.

RAND Corporation

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The RAND corporation proposes something bold that not many companies would dare to profess: Connect everyone. They plan on achieving this end by creating everything from artificial pancreas' to clothing with digital devices and even the advancement of the digital pill. And they've reached this particular goal.

In 2017, aripiprazole became the first FDA-approved pill that transmits its ingestion to a "wearable patch that transmits the information to a mobile app when the patient" consumes the drug. I was a bit skeptical of the RAND corporation's announcement. I couldn't believe that I had never even heard about this in the media or anywhere else. However, the FDA confirmed this announcement in their report published on November 13, 2017, entitled, "FDA approves pill with sensor that digitally tracks if patients have ingested their medication",

The purpose of aripiprazole, which has another derivative named Xanax, is to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Its side effects include nausea, vomiting, constipation, headache, dizziness, uncontrollable limb and body movements (akathisia), anxiety, insomnia, and restlessness.


The Proof

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Big Tech has taught society that it can track internet browsing and consumer purchases in real-time. For instance, hovering over an image on a website can indicate interest in a product. Systems then send the data to other advertisers, who key in on your interests and send you promotional material. Have you ever noticed these occurrences?

When I was browsing material, for instance, on a Project Management Certification class on the internet, I started seeing commercials for Project Management training on YouTube. Not once did I ever search for such activity on the video site.

Unfortunately, companies are setting their sites on internal medicine and proven technologies that would allow them to know what I put inside of my body. Given the materials I've read for this article, the intent of connecting all of humanity is real. Not only is it real, but products are in place to make it more widespread.

The fact alone that aripiprazole exists is worrisome. I can't help but be impressed with how RAND got its foot in the door with the FDA. People with schizophrenia could have problems taking their meds, so why not use a technology that monitors ingestion?

I used to think there was a gap between this type of Orwellian technology and a life of privacy and freedom. Perhaps the gap is only an illusion. Only time will tell for sure.


The Psyber X Arrival

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Have you seen @psyberx's development videos on Discord? The game is coming together. PsyberX was just a dream put together by a couple of people in its beginning stages. No one knew if the concept could gain traction. No one knew if they could tackle the problems of development in a market already saturated with startups that eventually failed before they even got moving.

Hive fixes this!

Myria recently announced its support for Psyber X and the upcoming NFTs available for blockchain gaming. Check it out!

If you haven't read their whitepaper yet, now is the time!

The official start of Psyber X began with their whitepaper, and it gives highlights of the project to the investor:

"PsyberX is an adrenaline-pumping, endorphin-nitro induced Play-to-Earn First Player Shooter (FPS) game where gamers strike fear in their opponents through various battle match configurations, including the all-out royale as the most exciting."

Join the @psyberx community today! Invest in their development or hop on to their discord to learn more about the initiative today!

Psyber X - Discord
All Psyber X Posts!


In Closing

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Thank you for reading and following on throughout my Hive journey. My interest in conspiracy theories was partly due to attending an open hearing in California. The hearing was about relicensing a nuclear power plant.

People who were against it made some outrageous claims that, to me, seemed to defy explanation. So, as an engineer, I decided to check some of them out. It made sense to me as I was familiar with environmental law, chemistry, and radiation health.

Now, every time I hear something off, I can't help but take a deep dive. Thanks to everyone for all the comments and discussion following my article on Dupuytren's Disease. It was a great help.

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