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Props to you for doing what feels best and taking breaks when called to.

And congrats on learning things about yourself in the process! Wishing you a great fresh start, and looking forward to what's next!

I use Hive to share my teachings and help rebels #ryze as best as I'm able. (But I do this wherever I go, lol, so not sure if it qualifies.)

I rarely, possibly never, 'burn out' anymore because from tiny things to big ones, I only pursue things that I enjoy and that energize me. 🙏


I really do appreciate the tips and advice over the month. It has helped me focus more on what I needed to, which was my health. Not doing so just kept dragging everything else down. Got a plan now and executing the plan. More to follow in future posts.

Thanks again for the assist and look forward to working with you in the future.

Also, thanks for stopping by and engaging and sharing on my post!

My pleasure bro, glad I was of value. Not sure if you ended up watching the whole 'Health Mega-Tips' video I made --sadly banned on YouTube-- but I'm all about health, and I definitely encourage execution of any plan that increases your personal well-being. Looking forward to hearing more on it!

@cynshineonline mentioned that you and your team are implementing some ideas from the home-page mockup I made, so I deeply appreciate that you found them worth implementing, and yes, more in the future!

Thanks for the great post, and great reply! 🙏