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This is my hive hackathon submission that uses information from the hive blockchain and makes a quiz based on the tags that users select. The cited example is text-based and written in Python.

Description of Project and the problem it solves.

This is a concept that takes hive blockchain data and uses user selected tags to create a quiz. This could be evolved to be the Kahoot for the blockchain. The concept was inspired from a few instances during self-isolation where I would play quiz (It's Quiz Time), puzzle, or strategy games online with my friends (Catan, Clue).

This allows future users who don't want to participate in posting on the hive blockchain to still engage with the blockchain in a fun way.

Link to a public git repo on Github or Gitlab

Link to live project

Python libraries used

  • beem
  • random

Video showing the project in action


Looks good so far, I got 15 points although I was just guessing!

It's got potential once the questions are refined for sure!

I think letting users make their own questions and allowing users to join a game whose results show up as a hive post are all really cool features.

I like the idea of players all being beneficiaries and you get Hive coins for creating content by playing a game.

Lots of great features yes! Great work!

Sort of some neat stuff going on here as well for the hackathon! Great submission.

Thank you. It is my first hackathon and I hope to get better!

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I have a feeling this could be really fun but potentially depressing once you see the stats on some things. lol

I have a low average score, but I am happy when I get 30/100 😊

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That's probably better than most people.

I have picked your post for my daily hive voting initiative, Keep it up and Hive On!!

Thank you. And thanks for your advice/help with trying out flask or django. I almost got a flask implementation going but my grad class started so I pulled the trigger with the last working version.