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RE: A Vision for Hive

in #hivelast year

I'm not entirely against the idea of getting rid of the social reward pool, but it is what Hive's known for, so resetting from a marketing perspective is going to be tough.

Also, investors can just delegate their stake and not have to anything to gain a return on people's content.

Personally I quite like the redistributive function of the inflation tokens. Getting rid of the reward pool would just lead to more centralised control of stake over time, and we do like to bang on about decentralisation!

As to burning a portion of hat Hive sloshing about in the DAO, that's not a bad idea.

I think there's a proposal for documentation that's unfunded, so that's a way to do that, plenty of cash around.

Long story short, if other daps really take off, getting rid of the social rewards pool becomes more attractive.

To think, 2 years ago people would have comment farming this like crazy, for the upvotes. NOT returning to that by at least limiting the social reward pool is appealing!