Hive Equality Trends Mid May 2023

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Hive Power has become a little more equally distributed over the last two months in terms of MVESTs moving from Whale and Orca accounts down to mainly Dolphin accounts, and in terms of number of accounts there has been a slight shift from Orcas to Dolphins, but no significant change besides that.

I use @argange's daily Hive Statistics to collect the data below...

Accounts per Level


(May 15th 2023)

A/CDec 4th 20229th March 202315th May 2023

No change in the number of Whale accounts and a slight drop in the number of Orcas, which I didn't expect.

But there's almost another 20 Dolphin accounts kicking about, probably down to Orcas Powering Down I'd hazard a guess.

Slightly fewer minnows and no significant increase in redfish, so I think overall we can call this pretty stagnant unforunately!

Cumulative MVESTS per Level


(May 15th 2023)

A/C4th December 20229th March15th May 2023

The drop off in Whale Weight continues: 0.2% a month on average this year, and a 0.5% drop in Orca stake.

All of the lower three categories have increased their share of the stake especially Dolphins with a 0.4% increase.

So we are seeing a more equitable distribution across accounts.

Final thoughts...slight equality trends again...

Overall this is a slight shift to more equality of Hive Power distribution, but very slow movement!


It's disappointing that we are not gaining more minnows. I need to check on what my support account is voting for.

I know what you mean, it is pretty stagnant!

It sucks that we have fewer Orcas as I was hoping that we are getting momentum...
GO, GO, Orcas and Dolphins!!! 😃

I thought that too, but it's not the case it would appear!

Need more minnows. Maybe when the next bull run hits all the onboarding efforts will start to pay off.

I am one of the 20 dolphins just moved up !LOL

What did the sand say as the tide came in ?
Long time no sea.

Credit: reddit
@revisesociology, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @new.things

Have you tried the !gif !lolz !meme combo? It is a wall of fun!

Wooohooo! Congratulations!

I think those who registered on HIVE (Steemit back then) in 2016 remain ahead than those who registered later on.

I wish the movement could be very fast
I wish they could distribute more

Things are pretty slow!