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RE: A Vision for Hive

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I don't think fiddling with the economics will make any difference to the price or adoption.

This right here.

I do agree that removing social rewards is a good idea. Blogging was a dumb idea to start with for inflation distribution and it's only gotten dumber.

It's possible that removing the social stuff to the second layer will at least prevent new users/investors/developers/whatever from being scared off.

 last year 

I am not convinced that anyone worth keeping has been scared off due to the economics enforced by social consensus. Having said that, I do think certain levels of toxicity has driven worthwhile people off. And if that's the case, and the price is low as result, maybe it should go lower so that strong hands come in and clean up the toxicity. Adding a "snowflake mode" to condenser would also help, a little.

I think the blogging rewards being part of the base layer are a large part of the awful people being awful to others.