LUVtown breakdown.

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A couple of days ago the LUVbot suffered a temporary breakdown. It was an event that required much head-scratching. The bot is running now, but I promised a description of the incident.

After careful examination of the situation, here is my analysis of what happened...

Best when viewed while listening to Flatt and Scruggs' "Foggy Mountain Breakdown":

LUV should be shared. Share the LUV.


I am glad we at least got an update and we know that different issues are being checked.

Don't let love become a slave to thoughts inside your head.

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Oops, it did it again a couple of hours ago. I think it's okay now and will catch up any commands that were given, but not carried out.

Just FYI, that's how it might go at conks out, wait, get it going, bot recovers. Love is patient, love is kind. :)


Command accepted!

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