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RE: Want Social Change? Change Your Social! Web 3.0 Is Here - It's Time to Dump Reddit & The Rest!

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You know, I used to check Facebook like 7-8 times a day. Now I check it every other day, an it has absolutely no appeal. The power of HIVE to change routine, eh?

I came to the blogging space via a game - I'm not really that into the game any more, but feeling absolutely invested in this blogging space!

Keep up the positive vibes!


That's great to hear - yes, community is so much more powerful than corporate mind tricks!

Hi @resonator - let me throw a wondering at you, that goes to the heart of on-boarding and community, and that goes to deep engagement and involvement in a community. I am a part of a number of communities, hang out in their discords etc - and love being part of the posting crew. However, at some point - there needs to be the opportunity to help out in the group in a more official capacity somehow - because I think solidifies engagement. I wonder as Hive grows, how do roles facilitate this?

Do you mean 'roles' in Discord? Or just roles in a more general sense?
There is a lot of scope for custom code to be created that connects Discord servers to Hive in new ways. The limits, really, are our imagination. For example, you could create a community in Hive and assign moderators, who then have moderator roles also created for them in a Discord server. If you have a community fund or your own layer 2 token, then bots can be coded to reward them or other people based on activity that happens in Discord or on Hive.

Not quite, but perhaps -
I guess where I'm getting at, is that as people come to Hive, some will want to stay in the mindset of a community member, whereas others will hope to take on a leadership role in the communities they've joined. The limited spaces in those leadership circles may ultimately lead to an issue - yes, they can start their own communities, but there can only be so many communities on the same topic.

Look, I dunno - it's just me throwing some ideas around in my mind and I don't know the answers, but it doesn't hurt to wonder occasionally. I could liken it to a school setting, where everyone wants to the School Captain - and, when people don't get those roles, they can very often become disgruntled or disengaged. It's a fine line sometimes.