Hive-Engine and Tribaldex Confusion: Log In and Rewards Problems

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Maybe I missed a news letter.

Is anyone else unable to log into H-E? The button is there for me, but there is no click response.

I am curious what is happening with token stakes, rewards claim button not responding, and the new TribalDex system not having mention of stakes and rewards.

I did some searching, found some semi-similar questions on Reddit, but I didn't find much.

A troubleshooting ticket has been started, and perhaps I'll figure all out soon.

If anyone has had these issues or does have the answers, feel free to share.

Everytime I see a post on onboarding and spreading the Hive community, I think about just how crushed the average person would be trying to figure all this out.

Perhaps it smooths out shortly.
Perhaps I notice an error I have made.
Regardless, cheers to growth.

Be well.
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It is a difficult road to navigate. I hope to understand more, but Hive has a definite learning curve!

Yes, true. Great technology yet gotta get your learn on. :-)


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you could always use

I never liked tribaldex.

leodex is pretty intuitive.

Ahhh. Very interesting note. Thank you.
And congrats on your second edition of your first book.

Cheers! :^)

And it is. Works great currently. Much thanks.

glad I could be of help :^)

Yay! 🤗
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