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RE: Want Social Change? Change Your Social! Web 3.0 Is Here - It's Time to Dump Reddit & The Rest!

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Thank you for summing up clearly why hive and web 3.0 are the future of social media. A few months here and I can see the benefit of something that is decentralized and "community-owned" compared to centralized institutions. And I agree, we do lack marketing here and a great one can definitely boost community members who would of course invite their friends and fam over. My only suggestion for the blockchain is to develop perhaps a reward system for content that takes longer and more difficult to produce such as educational vids that require long hours, high skills and a team to produce. Maybe, a subscription or longer voting periods for such content.

That aside, this is, by far, my favorite social media platform 💖


The SPK network will pay rewards for each video forever, as far as we know. So you will no longer be limited to a 7 day payout window for posts/videos!

Oooh that's great! Thanks for the info @resonator 😁

@resonator do you develop/program also ?