Happy HIVE Birthday: One Year Ago Today the HIVE Genesis Fork Occured.

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Hard to believe around a year ago today we were fighting CCP sponsored shifty fucking skeezebag Sun Yuchen in a ridiculous delegated proof of stake version of dick jousting after our former Steem CEO Ned Scott sold the community out to top up his hookeer and crack fund.

We've come a long way since then, given that basically the whole fucking golden goose got run over by a burning tractor with the Steemit Inc ninja mine making illegal consensus hijacking and theft of Steem users funds. While a lot of people lost a considerable amount of money when all that shit went down I've got to say that how the community pulled together and started devising and putting in motion plans to fork away from the now centralized chinese communist parties most recent acquisition. The year started out strong and sort of fizzled a fair amount up until recently when a buttload of service and chain enhancement utility announced to be released in the next few months.

Huge changes are around the corner and as our community starts to grow more and more due to the awesome shit we're doing here, and the boost of crypto awareness within the general population blooms, and we begin to partner up with other blockchains in a serious push to improve cross chain interoperability ultimately leading for no real excuse for people not to use HIVE. Super Excited!

Happy Birth/Fork Day to HIVE!


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I was listening to the Tim Ferriss podcast and Vitalik Buterin brought up the origin story of Hive. Pretty cool. (He talks about the Hive story at about 22:15)

Yeah I listened to that a few days back and found it cool. Good press that one!