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In my post TOOK A MONTH OFF FROM SOCIAL BEFORE I LOST MY SHIT, I spoke about taking a month off from content creation and other activities for health reasons. In that post, I hit my goals regarding the Hive blockchain and content over the next few months.

To recap, my goals for the next few months on Hive and social platforms are as follows:

  • Give away Hive rewards to those who comment and share my posts outside Hive
  • Donate Hive rewards to charity
  • To focus more on IT & Cyber Management, ITSM processes, and IT policy-related topics when posting
  • To start creating content more consistently (around twice per week across other social media, not just Hive)
  • To start working on some video posts (to supplement text posts)
  • Reward, Curate, and share more IT, Cyber, and STEM-related Hive content to other social media outlets

So, let's break those down in a little more detail if you're interested. If not, well, see ya next post. Otherwise, I would love to hear what you think and provide any thoughts, suggestions, recommendations, etc.

Let me know if I am bat-shit crazy or delusional, if my ideas are narrow in scope, too broad, if I need to drink more beer, cut back on the beer, add some tequila shots, etc.


So, here we go…

Give Away Hive Rewards to Those Who Comment and Share My Posts Outside the Hive Blockchain

echo chamber_Moment.jpg

My goal for this blog and any other Hive frontend is simple - give away rewards to people who comment and share my posts and content outside of the Hive blockchain. This rewarding is going to help me build relationships with my readers (my number one goal).

I've never been someone who particularly cares about social media as it is typically viewed, such as on Facebook. Still, I love quality engagement on those platforms when it can be found without all the shit-shows.

The other benefit of this is that it will help bring more eyes to the blockchain, and hopefully, they will not just stop at my content but will browse the content of others and then hopefully decide to join the Hive community.

It does suck that they can't comment or engage without going through the convoluted signup process. It would be nice if visitors could dip their toes a little
Oops, I will stop there before I start losing my shit again and need another month-long break.

My long-running aggravations with the status quo mindsets of Hive are a topic of a different post that will come later, maybe much later, when I am in a better place.

Donate Hive Rewards to A Hive Charity


A month off from blogging and content creation has been a long time coming. During that time, I've been getting my physical and mental health in order, outsourcing the final touches on the development and design of my business website, and putting the finishing touches on my personal goals.

As I've reflected on where I want to be the rest of 2021 through 2022, it's become clear that another big goal here is philanthropy-related: I'm aiming to donate a large portion of my Hive rewards to charity. I don't know how much that will be or what that will even look like, but it will happen.

I want to help people, particularly those less fortunate who wouldn't have a chance otherwise. So if you know of a charity here on Hive, please drop me a note in the comments. I am especially interested in helping young IT and Cyber professionals looking for training or starting a business.

Just don't point me to the DHF, not ever touching DHF with a ten-foot pole (and @joshman's wanker) until changes are made.

Ooops, there I go again. Gotta' get back on track.

(Luv ya @joshman, been a while bro, had to throw a shout out)

To Focus More on IT & Cyber Management, ITSM Processes, And IT Policy-Related Topics When Posting


After a month off, my goal is to return to a more regular posting schedule and focus more on technology and cyber management, IT processes, and policy issues. In addition, the intent is to spread my content across platforms so that I am not spreading myself too thin and end up on a longer than 30-day hiatus wearing a fashionable white jacket with sleeves that tie behind my back.

Duplicate content penalty? Maybe, but I don't give two shakes of a whiskey crank about SEO. Not like I can compete for the keywords anyway, even the longtail in my business. Besides, I am too lazy to put that much work into it and feel it would dilute my writing to try and focus on crunching keywords into the content.

The plan is to keep the IT and tech-related topics posted in specific communities to which I think they relate the most. I will use my main blog page for more general posts like this one.

Yeah, sometimes there will be an occasional burst of content about various other things, sometimes of a ridiculous nature, that interest me, but I will try to keep that to a minimum. But hopefully will make it entertaining.

To Start Creating Content More Consistently (Around Twice Per Week Across Other Social Media, Not Just Hive)


I want to create content more consistently (at least twice per week across other social media, not just Hive). My long-term plan for this blog is to write more about the topics mentioned previously, but I want to do it in a way that's relevant, edgy, and entertaining to everyone. Most of all, I want to express myself, be me, express my passion and not lose myself in the grind of trying not to offend or piss someone off.

Not worrying about offending others will take some getting used to – I am not used to being myself in the open around people that are not close friends or family. However, the last 30 days have led me to decide it's time for the Rhino to leave the pin.

I fear that I may not be able to reign myself in!

To Start Working on Some Video Posts (To Supplement Text Posts)


I want to start working on some video posts to supplement my existing text content. This work may involve creating a quick video 'article' occasionally, creating presentations, infographics, or anything else. I don't have a specific style of video in mind, but I will do about anything as it pops into my head and will drop it here on the blockchain and other platforms when completed.

Reward, Curate, And Share More IT, Cyber, And STEM-Related Hive Content to Other Social Media Outlets


There is a lot of great STEM-related content on the Hive blockchain and some brilliant people. I want them to know I appreciate them. I also want the rest of Hive and the rest of the world to know about them too.

I am a member of the @STEMGeeks, @STEMSocial, and Ham Radio communities on the Hive blockchain. If you know of any other STEM-related communities, please drop them in the comments so I can check them out.

Looking to spread the warm hot STEM worldwide, so turn me on with some good STEM content and give me a reason!

Note: All graphics within this post, including their images and elements, were sourced, and generated from Canva.com, except when otherwise identified on the graphic.



Haha, thanks for the mention (I think). Glad you are doing better. I've been busy AF lately so not much time for HIVE.

Yeah, I am trying to get back into a rythmn myself. It's a new account, so wanted to give you shout from it so you knew and we could connect.

Not worrying about offending others will take some getting used to – I am not used to being myself in the open around people that are not close friends or family. However, the last 30 days have led me to decide it's time for the Rhino to leave the pin.

WHoooooo! Go Joe! I'm psyched for you to be yourself all over socials. You'll be seeing that from me too! I'm looking forward to what you share with us all. I am sure it will be great! Sending lots of positive vibes and love.


Thanks. I look forward to yours as well. Charge on!

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Nice to see you are back :)

Thanks. Good to see you as well. Hope to see ya around.

Happy to link with you once again. To restrategise is a good idea, especially when it seems one is loosing focus. You have a good missions and your approach towards achieving it is not also bad. However, consistency plays a vital role towards achieving the mission. Regards!

For sure, consistency is something I am improving on everyday. Thanks for stopping in.

Props to you on your new focus, encouraging off-chain recruiting, philanthropy, and expressing yourself more consistently!

Interestingly, a common teaching I suggest for most self-proclaimed 'positive people' is to practice offending others and gathering a few 'haters.' It's an incredibly liberating and empowering thing, similar to burning one's first meal, or skinning one's first knee while cycling. It rips the band-aid off and teaches that offending people ain't so bad, and is in fact, part of learning and growing and becoming a master.

P.S. I love that you added a graphic for each section, (and nice logo you got there, lol)! 🙏

Yeah, I just want to be me, if that turns some off or makes them dislike me, then so be it.

Yep, the logo was kick ass, I had to go with it when you presented it to me as an idea man, Thanks !

#preach bro :)

And I aim for all I do to be 'kick ass', so I'm glad you're feelin' it! 🙏

I'm certainly one of your fans. You won me over with your writing style and I will not hesitate to share your posts that I know that my other social media followers would find useful/beneficial.

WOW! Thank you so much.

I am very humbled...and maybe even getting a little chubby. 😜 Just kidding!

Please do share and I will send you those Hive rewards via a tip/transfer of some sort.

I will also always be upvoting all quality comments on my posts with 100% of voting value I have at the time the upvote is given. Quality comments being more than just "hey great post" type responses, but even those will get a little something.

I plan to even pick out some of my most favorite comments and tip/transfer extra Hive to the commentor after payouts are made on the post.

My interaction on hive is not motivated by tips, to be honest. They are welcomed and appreciated nevertheless. I naturally engage with posts I relate with provided I've got the time irrespective of the writer.

Oh, please don't take my response the wrong way. I am just all about making sure people feel appreciated for engaging with my content and me. I know that time you take to engage with my posts and content is precious and only have so much of it to go around. There is a lot of content you could use your time on and the fact you spend it on my content is very humbling for me.

No, I don't feel any offense with your gesture or comment. It feels good to be appreciated in such manner tbh. Just trying to empahsize that it wouldn't have make much difference for me even without the tips. I have never given out tips to people for engaging my content and neither do I expect folks to tip me for engaging theirs. I just love engaging with good contents, especially those I can easily relate with.

You are appreciated for sure!

Not only his writing style but his approach towards making his contents spread across other social media. This is no doubt has direct impact on the awareness of hive. I remember @acidyo on this path. I hope people can emulate this.

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