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The last week or so has been a lot of fun for me on Hive. 11 days ago, I made the post MY HUMBLED BY LIFE HIVE GIVEAWAY.

It was a celebration of my continued recovery from health challenges and I wanted to celebrate with the Hive community.

So every day or two for a little over a week I made a post in the @stemgeeks community and on my blog giving away some Hive tokens with each post.

It was so much fun and I enjoyed interactions with great Hivers like @coffeelovers, @mytechtrail, @rishi556, and @enforcer48 to name a few.

Up to this point, 85 Hive tokens were given away, with the potential for 15 more to be handed out.

I can tell you this was about the most fun I had since I have been on the Hive blockchain. It felt really good to interact and giveaway some Hive to people.

It is a for sure thing that I will be doing something like this again in the next couple of weeks. I'm already bouncing around different ideas, but if you have some thoughts on ideas for a contest or giveaway, please feel free to share.

P.S. If your an IT or business professional and looking for checklists, policy, and process templates, then check out the ITSM RHINO!


Congrats on your victory over your previous health challenges. Beautiful way to celebrate, too, I bet all your beneficiaries were the better for it like you.

About contests and giveaway ideas, I think you're already doing a good job so far and my suggestion would be that if you need new ideas it would be best if you search within and find out things you're passionate about and try to promote them with your contests/giveaways. It could even be your IT stuff, you can always find a way to do it the layman way😊.

Thank you. I appreciate the thoughts. I am still working through my medical challenges but feel I’m past the worst.

I have a few ideas for more giveaways and contests. I just need to put the thoughts in order.

Cool. I wish you the very best in health and all!

I am always looking for the potential activities to collaborate. IT security is emerging as a grand challenge for the society and what you are doing passionately is really helpful.

Thank you for the kind words. I look forward to future collaborations as well.