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RE: GPT-3 API is now free and open! Is Hive ready for it?

in #hive7 months ago

Yeah there are a lot of dangers, but lets be positive for a moment. I can imagine an application of GPT-3 or other open and huge NLP system to automatically summarize posts on Hive frontends. Not a big deal but could be useful to save some time.


Ty żyjesz!

Żyje, żyje ;)

This sounds like a great utility!

How much should we value automatically generated posts then?

This is a tricky question. Ideally to me we should value any post by some kind of nonlinear combination of:

  • quality (this is semi-individual measure determined by a reader)
  • ability of a post and its author to reach to public outside of Hive
  • and here comes a measure that could potentially value automatically generated posts lower - uniqueness, that is probability that an agent (human or AI model) could have produced this post given knowledge that is publicly available to anyone (the lower probability the higher uniqueness)

Yeah, generally I agree, I personally add my affection towards certain users and behaviour on the blockchain. Did he/she power-downs all the earnings? Is there a self-voting going on? This seems to be sustainable IMO.