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@woelfchen said it good.

I dont think it's a good time to play around with base layer economic mechanics like that... better release SMT and if you still want to better economics, then fix HBD, make loans able and peg HBD to it.

I think the rewards pool built in on a base layer is something that gave us our initial wings and growth. To remove this would be to alienate a wide percentage of our users. Yes I understand moving rewards to a second layer, however then you're saying these people will have to exchange these rewards to HIVE and then trade HIVE to another token, I think it would just be shooting ourselves in the foot.

I do understand your motivations and thought behind this process but the people is what makes this block chain good. Without a community what do we have? if we want just a solid block chain the build things upon, could always just hard fork and make one just for that. But HIVE is about the people. We must embrace them not alienate them.

Also we are now starting to gather some momentum, you go ahead and kill the First layer rewards, that momentum is going to stop.

I am 100% behind fixing HBD or just getting rid of it in favor of 100% HIVE token.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts though.


“Without a community what do we have?”

Do we have a community that wants to see this ecosystem improve and develop in order to attract more users, commerce, and investors? Or do we have a community that’s content with stagnation and collecting scraps?

I’d rather have a community that wants to live up to the potential of this blockchain than have a community that looks only at one small aspect of it and panics at any sign that their scraps may be slightly more difficult to cash out.

There can be plenty of ways to monetize content for the creators. Nobody is saying to get rid of the concept. The idea is to make the base layer more application-neutral so that developers who want nothing to do with social media content and bickering can still invest in Hive, create their product on this amazing blockchain, and bring their users/customers here to reap the rewards...and contribute to the flourishing ecosystem.

If we aren’t able to attract developers that are willing to create “killer” social media apps, then the base layer isn’t going to succeed anyway. If we can attract these kind of developers, then they can certainly make it work on the application layer. And their success will be shared by all of us.

Now THAT is a GREAT answer !

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