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Imagine a simple web page with several html buttons to be included on desired web site.

Those buttons could be :

  • Send a message Live - 1 HIVE
  • Play a sound from the list - 10 hive
  • play a short video from the list - 25 hive

Various text/ sound/ videos list can be edited with specific hive amount
with cheaper and more expensive videos or sounds just like in twitch bits programs

when the user presses the button, it opens a link triggering hivekeychain for a hive transfer of the selected amount with a specific memo

On the streamer's machine, you got 1 local webpage showing blank most of time and a python bot scanning a specific account.

When the bot reads one of the memo when a user make a hive transfer, it updates the local html file to perform the requested action ( print a message, play a sound, play a video), and the pages returns to blank when action done.
Bot should avoid to play several actions at same time, thus needs to wait for a specific timeout (or action duration) before continuing to scan the blockchain.

On the streamer side, you enter the local webpage as a Browser source in the broadcasting program, like OBS.

Result : The webbrowser source is always displayed in broadcaster, thus in the live session, mostly showing a stransparent layer. Until someone sends hive (using buttons or if he knows the syntax), then the webpage is updated for a specific amount of time to show what the user requested.

Bonus: If the python bot was able to print (in the twitch and or discord) chat the action that has been done it would be great.

How hard is it to do this ?

Would anyone be interested in doing this and give me one script while he keeps the resell/distribution rights ?
If you do this on your own following my idea, please bring a copy to me as the idea founder ;)

OPTIONAL: could also work with hive engine listed tokens to make each bot more specific and personal

A bientôt,
≋𝕴𝖙𝖍𝖆𝖗𝖆 𝕲𝖆ï𝖆𝖓≋


Helping my projects / Tipping :-) ???

Helping the author : https://www.paypal.me/Lordolivier
We of course accept cryptos:

  • All the ones on Steem-engine & Hive-engine
  • Steem / SBD /Hive / HBD
  • LTC : LdiCR25BQSQYSzTUcpD3sJQayscvjXvDyy
  • BTC : 37fJek6HN9zeJQTvhfZmpEcmsTM8Lx4spr

All donations are appreciated and welcomed,
thank you.


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