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This seems more like a new EIP + Feature Requests that is focused on improving the native token fundamentals, as well as boosting adoption. Fair enough.

While, I agree with the vision, for these particular action items, I have no strong feelings one way or the other. I know that seems like a joke/meme statement on my part, but I really could go with these proposed ideas or just skip them. Or cherry-pick them, doesn't matter.

I don't think fiddling with the economics will make any difference to the price or adoption. I also don't think leaving it the way it is will really matter either.

I also don't have a better idea, but that doesn't mean we should or shouldn't do this.

Having said that, I do think we have plenty of tools already. I think it's possible to have a vision without changing much consensus at all. But what that vision looks like, I don't know.

If I seem like I'm contradicting myself in the same reply, I apologize.


I don't think fiddling with the economics will make any difference to the price or adoption.

This right here.

I do agree that removing social rewards is a good idea. Blogging was a dumb idea to start with for inflation distribution and it's only gotten dumber.

It's possible that removing the social stuff to the second layer will at least prevent new users/investors/developers/whatever from being scared off.

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I am not convinced that anyone worth keeping has been scared off due to the economics enforced by social consensus. Having said that, I do think certain levels of toxicity has driven worthwhile people off. And if that's the case, and the price is low as result, maybe it should go lower so that strong hands come in and clean up the toxicity. Adding a "snowflake mode" to condenser would also help, a little.

I think the blogging rewards being part of the base layer are a large part of the awful people being awful to others.

“If I seem like I'm contradicting myself in the same reply, I apologize.”

Nah, it’s fine. I think there are a lot more people like you than there are like me. No judgement there, but there’s just a lot of apathy when it comes to this stuff. With a primarily social media user base (assuming here), the technical/economic discussions glaze some eyes.

I don’t think it’s really “fiddling with the economics” though. The point is to simplify the economics and leave all of the “fiddling” to app developers that tokenize their apps (or not tokenize them).

In all honesty - I don’t think my ideas will be implemented as I’ve laid them out. As much as people recognize that something just isn’t “right,” we don’t really have leaders who are willing to try something of this scale, and the general community is still fixated on the “shitpost” faucet aspect of Hive. And I can’t even blame them because that’s just how this thing has been marketed (if you can even call it marketing) for the past 4+ years.

Still, it would be nice to reverse the stagnation trend outside of general crypto FOMO for once.

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I like guerrilla-marketing:

  1. Post something controversial.
  2. Have a nice conversation about it.
  3. Tweet about it later on when engagement dies down, ensuring that you mention people in their echo chamber.


"Jimmy Scrambles" is an "I'm a real fan" dogwhistle for her and her SJW fans.

You write exactly what I also think and feel @inertia.