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I'm certainly one of your fans. You won me over with your writing style and I will not hesitate to share your posts that I know that my other social media followers would find useful/beneficial.


WOW! Thank you so much.

I am very humbled...and maybe even getting a little chubby. 😜 Just kidding!

Please do share and I will send you those Hive rewards via a tip/transfer of some sort.

I will also always be upvoting all quality comments on my posts with 100% of voting value I have at the time the upvote is given. Quality comments being more than just "hey great post" type responses, but even those will get a little something.

I plan to even pick out some of my most favorite comments and tip/transfer extra Hive to the commentor after payouts are made on the post.

My interaction on hive is not motivated by tips, to be honest. They are welcomed and appreciated nevertheless. I naturally engage with posts I relate with provided I've got the time irrespective of the writer.

Oh, please don't take my response the wrong way. I am just all about making sure people feel appreciated for engaging with my content and me. I know that time you take to engage with my posts and content is precious and only have so much of it to go around. There is a lot of content you could use your time on and the fact you spend it on my content is very humbling for me.

No, I don't feel any offense with your gesture or comment. It feels good to be appreciated in such manner tbh. Just trying to empahsize that it wouldn't have make much difference for me even without the tips. I have never given out tips to people for engaging my content and neither do I expect folks to tip me for engaging theirs. I just love engaging with good contents, especially those I can easily relate with.

You are appreciated for sure!

Not only his writing style but his approach towards making his contents spread across other social media. This is no doubt has direct impact on the awareness of hive. I remember @acidyo on this path. I hope people can emulate this.