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I initially wondered what happened to your reputation only to find out that this is a totally new account. Did you open a new account in order to actually be yourself or you've lost access to the former account? My advice would be that you keep the old account for cyber security related stuff and use this one for personal stuff, that's if you still have access to the old account.

Also, take as much break as you would need for your health. That's the ultimate.

If you are the type that loves drama and controversial stuff, you will definitely find your niche here on hive. I try to stay away from such topics as much as possible cos I'm not really the drama type. I'm from a third world country, a large percentage of my finances is hive related. I'm more than glad to read, engage, create and curate. That's what I've been doing primarily for almost 4 years now.


So glad you stopped by the new account and were still following the old one, That is so cool of you. I opened the new account for a fresh start. It is something I felt I needed and wanted to do moving forward. It may not make sense to most, but it does to me, and I am doing me.

Hate drama, which is one of the reasons I took the break from social media and made some changes and still making changes to my accounts and methods. Yeah, I love some good debate on a post, don't get me wrong, but I don't want anything more to do with drama.

Thanks again for stopping in on my new account and commenting. Hope to see you around as I start to post more in the next week or two.

I stay on the chain as much as I can. I am certain you will see me around quite often. Good luck in your new endeavours.