[hive.blog] How to migrate your DAPPS to Hive - Script 1: WHERE IS MY HONEY?? {steemJS}

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Here is how you can check you balance on https://hive.blog using steemJS, while the Hive wallet becomes available:

This script does not requires a pre-existing Steemit/Hive account or any private key so it's very safe to use.

If you're the paranoid type feel free to log out, use a different browser, use incognito, etc. This script does not require authentication.


Open your favorite browser on any site (I strongly recommend using Brave browser for its speed and security)
and open the DevTools (Ctrl + Shift + J on Linux/Windows and Cmd + Opt + J on Mac)


Open https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/steem/dist/steem.min.js (SteemJs) and copy & paste (Ctrl + A and Ctrl + C) the javascript code displayed on the page into the Browser Console (DevTools) that you opened in the first tab.


  • Copy & paste my script below in the Console
  • Change the value of targetAccount (first line of the script) with your account name
  • Press enter.
var targetAccount = 'gaottantacinque'

steem.api.setOptions({ url: 'https://api.hive.blog' });

steem.api.getAccounts([targetAccount], (err, response) => {
  const { balance, savings_balance, sbd_balance } = response[0];
  console.log(err, JSON.stringify({
    balance, savings_balance, sbd_balance,

// {"balance":"13.709 HIVE","savings_balance":"0.000 HIVE","sbd_balance":"1.136 HBD"}

Enjoy & HIVE ON!   =]


You prefer running this as a nodeJs script?

Here are the steps:

  • Download NodeJs on your machine
  • Create a new folder for your project via terminal - eg. mkdir hello-hive
  • Navigate into the newly created folder - eg. cd hello-hive
  • Initialize npm: npm init and (to keep it simple) keep pressing enter until you get back control of the terminal
  • Create a file named index.js, copy my code snippet above and add this 1 line at the top: const steem = require('steem');
  • Execute: npm install --save steem

You can now execute the script running: node index.js😎😎🎉😎

PS. You can now also see your balances on ex steempeak:

Forte! Devo provare..
Un saluto, nicola

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Thx! =]

I guess it is easier to go and check it here.


Yep, looks much easier lol. I heard that people could not access their wallet and I was in the middle of migrating my dapps so I figured this could help some. =]

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