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RE: Introducing Hive Account Recovery

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What if I have lost both my owner/master keys over 30 days ago, but I have all the other keys, and a trusted recovery account. Is it still possible to change the master password?

I'm kind of in a pickle right now, because that's exactly what happened, and I couldn't use the recovery account option for the 30 day transition period from @steemit to the other recovery account. And now the recovery services tell me the passwords haven't been changed in the last 30 days.

Scratch that, it appears that I still had a copy of the owner key, but since I had given it an obscure name I couldn't see it. (Thank goodness I found it. I was already sweating.)

But I now know this scenario could happen again. Maybe we should have some way to recover forgotten (and not stolen) passwords too.


There is absolutely no way to recover a forgotten or lost password.
That's why it is so important not to lose it. No password, no account recovery!