Drastic Measures Due To Covid

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Hello Everyone,

I feel this deeply ingrained sadness when I see people glued to their phones all day, oblivious to the world around them.

Does anyone remember the old world? Before these devices existed in society?

I do, and I wish we could go back to that.

We can, but the only way for it to happen is for people to stop using these devices.

I don't use mine much at all, just for phone calls and photographs, but I have always been very aware of my willing participation with something that is detrimental to mankind.

This morning I received a notification on my SMART device.


Blood boiling anger does not begin to describe my immediate physical response.


They must think I really give a fuck about being notified.. and surely this won't be the last message, unless I ENSURE IT IS.

My immediate response:



Sorry BoostMobile... You have always been a pretty pleasant company to deal with over the past 10 years, and even financed me a device with poor credit at one point in time, but due to Covid, I have to say goodbye now.

I'll be searching for a VOIP solution over the course of the next two weeks, and the Hive community will be getting another futuremind Covid update (not my cat, he's doing great though!) where I smash this mind control device into a million pieces :)

I wonder if anyone else in New York is cancelling their service today. Wouldn't surprise me, but it also would not surprise me if the numbers are low, sadly.

If anyone has any VOIP recommendations, drop the info below please.

Have a nice day! -@futuremind


Rob Braxman has great resources for this tech. You can find him on Odysee @RobBraxmanTech.
I am confident you will know more and have better options after giving him a view.


Thank you kindly for the resource!

I have a ridiculously old and pretty much useless "smart" phone. I keep location off almost all the time. I refuse all notifications of any kind. I usually leave it home when I leave the house, and if I do have it with me while driving, it is OFF. I leave it off for many more hours than it is on. I have a landline, two in fact.

I almost never use my smart phone. The reception is getting TERRIBLE on the thing. It tells me every single day that if I were to turn on location, I would get better service. No way. I am nearly off the thing entirely. It's really not that hard to do. Even though I have done all this, that suggestion that I turn on covid exposure info did get through to me once. I'm surprised it has taken this long to get through to you. It's not Boost's fault. My phone is an android via google.

One of the best things any of us can do to get out of this covid con is to stop using smart technology of any kind. Quick, easy, and inexpensive. I'm with you on this.

The battery is always supplying a small amount of juice to keep it in a standby state. Assume that it is really always on, because it likely is.

I have done all this, that suggestion that I turn on covid exposure info did get through to me once. I'm surprised it has taken this long to get through to you.

I think I've received some other notifications, but not quite like this one. I just dismissed before and didn't pay much mind, but this one really pissed me off.

Best to just smash the smart devices in my opinion. Get the Lithium Ion battery out first, because it could explode, (Youtube exploding phones to see how serious this could be.) and are also useful for futuremind projects. I want your Lithium Ion batteries :D

One of the best things any of us can do to get out of this covid con is to stop using smart technology of any kind. Quick, easy, and inexpensive. I'm with you on this.

I wish the 99% of everyone else could see this, it's like they flat out refuse because of their dopamine driven addiction :(

Many of us think all this technology is wonderful, and go get every device, and every upgrade, they can. I find those people the most difficult to discuss covid with. They are literally wired up to the narrative. Maybe their devices are broadcasting 24/7 in some way.

I hope to get rid of it. The trick will be getting my landline number to people without using my smart phone to get it to them. I'm off FB entirely too. I'm slowly pulling away from being wired, a cyborg of sorts.

Oh yeah, they can alter moods with flicker rates you know... might be the reason behind an ultra high sex drive at times. That's a different topic though perhaps.

You can get rid of it by giving it to futuremind.

There are good uses for the tech inside of it, even for an off grid community.

I will properly extract the goods.


Really good to know!!! When I get there, I will. I wish I had known this earlier - I gave away a lot of electronics recently.

Use a free online texting app to text them the info. There are plenty of them around I think. If you have trouble finding one I'll help you. Would love to see you on Discord again.

I'm on discord now and then. friend me again

Are you still on that same account? We're already friends, dropped you a message yesterday, so it should be popped up when you log in again :)

I have no idea!!! Every time I delete cookies I have to start a new discord account, so perhaps not. I don't see a friend request from you. What are your four digits I will send a request to you.


LOL - my first thought on reading this was "@owasco hast got to see this!" - and of course she saw it before I did. These "smart" phones are the biggest invasions of our privacy, and even if the phone is off, we can still be tracked (or so I was told). You can shut off the feature that allows Google to know your location, but they still know your location. Now I wonder if our electronics are ever truly turned off, or if we are monitored at all times.

@futuremind I do remember life before the days everyone on city sidewalks had ear buds and phones in hand - people loudly carrying on conversations on buses, in stores -

Our daughter chose to remain unemployed in 2020 (for four months in all) rather than get a job tracking Covid exposure. It would have paid well, and demand for workers was great, but she wanted no part of it. Her savings account took a hit, but she didn't contribute to the tracking. #proudparents of unemployed offspring :)

hahaha! proud parents of an unemployed progeny. You don't hear that often.

I believe you are more easily tracked if your phone is on and you use it. If the powers that be really want to locate you, of course they can - most of our cars have location devices in them. Sometimes I think of getting a bike, or a horse. I'm hoping this little old lady is flying under radars. But when covid first hit, and tracking was a really big thing (one of my daughters did get a tracing call, which she ignored. The next day, her boss had been notified of her whereabouts, and asked her about the), I left my phone at home whenever I went almost anywhere. I paid cash to be a little more certain I could not be traced. This has developed into a habit. I have at least some time every day when I cannot be reached. It's quite astonishing how much easier it is for me to feel at peace when I am out and about, rather than always available. The good old days.

You are wise indeed, O @owasco!

I've just heard of the Clear phone which doesn't track, doesn't alert, etc. Maybe check it out😊

This looks like it might be a viable option!


It's almost like they were thinking of me ;)

Thank you for sharing!

Saw it posted on Telegram and thought it a decent option. I've heard pinephone is difficult to use😊 And thanks for the tip💞🤩🙏

Say no more, you need a Morpheus Matrix phone

I died laughing 🤣

I don't like to use such kinds of services or applications, kind of old school I am. Even I rarely use my card for using such services. I am glad I don't need to see such texts because honestly, I hate to see such service messages...

It's a bit stressful to think about making this switch, because I do rely on the device for some things, but I'm more of a computer guy and can compose messages and take care of work tasks (what I consider work) much more efficiently on a PC.

The phone is more of a distraction for me, and it's nice to have for emergencies or easy contact when out and about, but I barely use it... and really it makes me sad to see how these devices have kind of damaged people in a way that they are unable to recognize.

I'm happy there are still perceptive people like yourself who can see these things as well and limit reliance.

Have a great night over there my friend.

I saw when you showed those screen shots to me earlier, I think the only way to keep them off is to go with the VOIP option, but I also remember there were drawbacks.

You are nowhere near as 'mobile and traveling" as I am on a day to day basis. I have enough trouble staying connected with xfinity while I am away from home, I couldn't risk not getting a phone call because I am not connected to a reliable, secure internet source.

This post is eerily in tune with the one I just posted, if for slightly less apparent reasons.

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I was thinking the same thing about the similarity. People are definitely becoming very aware of what is happening!


Have a good night Jerry.

sleep well Jacob

I wonder if getting a linux phone would help?


Probably not I'm thinking..

Sure you have root privs and everything, but they are probably trackable devices which also expose you to the same 2.4 GHz frequencies, and maybe the 60 GHz frequencies as well.

We live in a sea of Wifi anyway is many peoples logic, but reducing the exposure is always a good thing :D

Everything is connected now... my friend started a PFSENSE router on a proxmox VM server and was flabbergasted at looking at the firewall logs seeing all the bots being blocked to his home LAN. 0.o

I wouldn't be surprised if hacker wars were happening inside my PC