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RE: Want Social Change? Change Your Social! Web 3.0 Is Here - It's Time to Dump Reddit & The Rest!

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i think word of mouth is so important. and it does happen, maybe a bit less than it used to.. i can remember years ago how many people would have onboarding tables in public areas and spread the word of Steem.. for some reason i dont see posts like that these days.. perhaps we need more time to recover from the fork..

also, i think its fair to say that even though word of mouth is the kickstarter to mass adoption, that the media in general are not yet blockchain friendly..and so it is VERY rare to see any positive mainstream news about any project that is not backed by a powerful rich centralised type figure..

i guess we just have to be patient and keep doing what we are doing. its still very early days for things.. but we are definitely headed in the right direction..

on a sidenot.. i noticed today Elon Musk bought a controlling stake in twitter.. that to me is amazing, incredible news (i know some people dont like or trust him). Elon is a radical supporter of free speech and i have read that there MAY be plans to try to decentalise twitter.. so that gives me confidence that there are some powerful people who are slowly getting us on the right track..


Perhaps part of the reason why people are are not enthusiastic about publicly promoting the network is, as you pointed to, that there is a concern about the stability of the system and people don't want to invite their friends to invest time that they might feel was wasted later. This is another way of saying that people maybe don't feel the benefits of decentralization as much as they need to in order to become highly enthusiastic.

Hive already has a base that can be used to create something that bypasses the mainstream media completely and still grow huge - it's not really like Ebay or even Amazon relied on mainstream media to grow big - they just focused on delivering their useful service to a high enough standard. The challenge here is that growing Hive isn't quite the same as selling books since the service is far more personal and the psychological issues and barriers are far more complicated.

that's true, we didn't need the media or even advertising to make amazon what it is.. they just had an amazing service, at competitive prices, and they sell pretty much everything so it's a simple one stop for all situation... very compelling..

I was thinking about it some more after reading a post i wrote a while back, called 'Hive is perfectly perfect just as it is'.. It started me thinking that IF Hive were to become a huge popular system that everyone used, it would by its very nature be centralised. regardless of the nature of the system itself. TOo big means too many problems, its just unavoidable from what ive seen..

Two years ago i implemented some great code ( for a small local social network system for my local community.. back then i felt that the only sensible and decentralised way to have any social network would be to have many small ones.. each tailored to the people who used it, and the culture, and location.. That to me is what decentralisation is all about.. it has become clear to me that whenever we have a system that EVERYONE uses, it becomes a problem and those problems are unavoidable.. too big, almost by definition, means centralised in a way, no matter what the system is like or how it works.

Maybe that is why Hive is just perfect as it is..
I copy a short quote from that post as It sums up well my feelings on this. Food for thought perhaps!

What I am saying is, I love this place because it is, in my opinion,. perfectly perfect just how it is. If some genius makes another game that becomes a global phenomenon then you can be happy that your Hive will probably become very valuable... but in the meantime, i think it's really best if we just accept what we are, and learn to really enjoy it, because i love it! There’s a LOT of crazy people out there who are plugged into the mainstream veins.. and it's almost impossible to speak with them anymore. I think it would be a real loss to invite all that crap into what is now turning into our ONLY SAFE SPACE online where can all speak and share about anything we want. We already CANNOT do this anymore on any other websites, this place is the only place left that I know of that cannot be censored, and cannot be stopped.

I think that having multiple versions of Hive, especially for certain countries with very different languages is a good way to proceed. It makes more sense, and keeps our feeds and community relevant and connected. As im sure we have all realised by now, Hive is not a place to make a lot of money in the short term.. It is a long term project that can in future offer you incredible rewards, but we should not be focused on that... its much more fun to just engage, discover, and enjoy what we have. And so it is!

The massive networks at this point are not open source, so we are comparing apples and oranges by comparing them to Hive. As long as a network is open source and can be forked by anyone, it can only become as centralized as the community allows it to become. This is quite different to a system like Facebook, where there is no way to decentralize it, no matter how large it is.

Layer 2 projects on Hive have the capacity to deliver decentralization of every kind to niche communities, while still benefiting from the underlying Hive DNA.

Yes i fully agree with that.. lets not even attempt to compare us with fb omg! I think my sentiment here is the bigger things get the more problematic it becomes.. even just relating to something as soft fork gets progressively more scary as it threatens to bring down the whole system.. we had it happen once and steem went down for a whole week if i remeber correctly… thankfully we didnt have splinterlands or i think any layer 2 tokens operating then..

i think word of mouth is so important. and it does happen, maybe a bit less than it used to.

Very true. I've leveraged this to onboard over 100 users to Hive and I'm glad it pays off.