Now You Can Experience The Taste Of Virtually Any Food, Via A Digital Device

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The only missing piece in the virtual reality growing every day around us was the taste. Tasting something and - even more - sending out "tastes" via internet, just like we send video or audio, was impossible.

Well, as of yesterday, this is a reality.

According to this news, a Japanese researcher, Homei Miyashita of Meiji University created a virtual taste device, which is basically just a stick with 5 gel tubes, which can be then controlled via electrical impulses. Each tube is filled with a gel containing a basic taste, bitter, salt, umami, sweet, and sour, and, by stimulating electrically the particles, the taste can be changed to virtually everything in this world.

The applications of this device are huge. From "try before you order" a specific food on the internet, to "tasting" sessions without the actual food being ingested, sort of like we engage in watching movies - and not going to theatre - or listening to music on our devices - and not going to a concert.

Here's a short video displaying the device and the process of generating tastes:

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This is gonna be awesome if they develop this into an everyday device :D

I thinks it is a product from the future, but not sure how I would feel trying it out as it still seems too artificial compared to a real experience. Nevertheless, I am amazed where technology pushes our experiences and changes the way we behave and live our lives.

Do you understand how umami tastes like? I must say, after briefly reading about it, I still don't get it.

Not really. It's a "recent" taste anyway, it was identified as such just a few decades ago.

Few more years ago i have heard about that device that can produce smell of flowers which you have sent and receiver get that one, now its time for taste of food. Virtually we are ahead a lot of things!!