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I’d rather have a community that wants to live up to the potential of this blockchain rather than have a community that looks only at one small aspect of it and panics at any sign that their scraps may be slightly more difficult to cash out.

Bear in mind, those "scraps" to you keep food on the table for people around the world -- and we're in the middle of a GLOBAL economic crisis. Moving content creators to a second layer disrupts that reality -- having something already on an exchange is important, and it will take time for second-layer tokens to be transformed into the currencies people use every day.

I say this all the time: the community here is NOT what those who want to go to the moon on Hive decide that it is. I understand that Hive needs to make changes, but everyone else needs to understand that there are real people with real needs for whom what you consider scraps are a lifeline. Why is cutting that lifeline ALWAYS AT THE TOP OF THE LIST?

Have a look at Blurt and Zapata, later Steem forks that the community decided it wants no part of. Of course we don't think that can happen here. It can. A lot of us in the so-called richer countries are not going to stick around and watch Hive throw people we care about overboard. NO.


That some people in worse-off countries are able to earn money for food isn’t really relevant to the problems we have with interest in this chain and stagnant growth.

And, keep in mind...if we create a better ecosystem that attracts more speculators and investors - because they like the incentives and/or follow the growth - then these poor people who use Hive for basic necessities will be better off.

Also - nobody is throwing anyone overboard. Moving a set of rewards to a different layer does not necessarily mean that earnings will decrease. If done properly, it could result in the exact opposite for everyone.

Okay ... if they are not relevant, why are they FIRST on your list of things that need to change? You cannot have it both ways! Do you even KNOW how many "some people" are as a percentage of the community, by the way? Your analysis of the rewards and the inflation suggests it is a sizable number. could tell you. SO, you want to be responsible -- in the middle of a global crisis -- for helping those people into destitution? What's an acceptable percentage of the community worth sacrificing? You want to make Hive's name a CURSE on the lips of hundreds, if not thousands, around the world, where right now it is uttered as a BLESSING? You think we can afford that with Justin Sun's PR machine already working on a SIXTH of the world's population with an anti-Hive narrative? You want to FEED that, on the way to mass adoption?

AGAIN: transition time matters. Right now, Hive is on a number of exchanges -- IF there were a solid second layer that could take that up NOW or even CLOSE to being developed, that would be a different thing, but, hey ... that's EIGHTH on your list. EIGHTH. We all understand ordinal numbers and how they work, right? Had it even been THIRD on the list of priorities, I could have grudgingly agreed. But you put it out EXACTLY as you meant it. Dead last. Just realize that DEAD last is EXACTLY what can happen to many actual living people when financial infrastructure they need is removed and they have to wait because getting new means in place is LAST on the agenda.

We all came over here -- every single person that left Steem -- because the promise of Hive was for ALL OF US. Every week, someone comes through to let it be known that the needs of content creators are LAST on the list or just in the way. Now, to me, PERSONALLY, that's $20 liquid. Not precisely a "scrap," but I will be just fine without it. But that's LIFE or DEATH to people I know in this community right now. It is NOT IRRELEVANT to Hive's future because people who have Hive as part as the margin of their survival ARE JUST AS RELEVANT TO THIS COMMUNITY AS WE ARE, and whenever people come out front with wanting to remove the rewards, that also needs to be put out front.

I have no idea what you’re on about. I think you need to read the post and my comments again.

The numbering didn’t have much to do with chronology or importance. It was just an easy way for me to separate the bullet points from the rationale in a way that readers could follow.

And I didn’t say that anyone was irrelevant. I said that your point was irrelevant to the problems we have...because it is.

I read exactly what you said. If you DON'T understand that removing rewards from Hive, which IS accessible on exchanges around the world, and going to a non-existent second layer for rewards is going to cause problems to real people, then you don't understand it. You have been told by more people than me on this thread, and OTHERS understand it. Fixing ONE problem by creating another problem is NOT an acceptable solution.