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RE: Hive Account Recovery - User Guide

in #hive3 years ago

I'm following these steps, and clicking on submit, but then nothing appears to be happening... There appears a pink bar at the top of the page, between RECOVERY ACCOUNT button and the box where I put my user name... Any advice, anyone?!


I'm not the person in charge of the HiveAccountRecovery service, but I just published a post about it. Someone mentioned your problem to me, so I went to the site and entered your name. This is what I saw, with no pink box, which is exactly how it should look:


Would you mind trying it again, please? If the problem persists, maybe we could send a direct message to the developer! 🙂

Thank you, dear @thekittygirl ! I am not sure how to get to this page with Hive Account Recovery, but will try to find it... My Recovery Account friend Corina might be too busy with her new baby to get online here and help, but I'll contact her first and see if she might be able to be present. Blessings and Gratitude!

Ok: I'm now thoroughly entangled; I tried to follow the Hive Account Recovery process, but am stuck at what my 'secret password' is... A pink box has come up with a lot of code in it, telling me that 'authority missing' or something. It is not really possible for me to navigate this process... :-/

The "secret passphrase" is something you decide — something that you will easily remember, but no one else could guess. It is more secure if it is random words (e.g.: "tiger engine dress venezia ocean portal") but could also be a sentence (e.g.: "my crazy cat ate all of my gelato"). It is good to write the phrase you choose in a secure location where it will not be lost.

The error about "Missing Authority" always means that a requested credential was not entered correctly. In this case, you may have accidentally entered your "Posting Key" or "Active Key" into the field where "Master Password" was required. Ensure you are supplying the proper item!

The developer can provide further assistance on Discord:

Just to be crystal clear: this password is something completely new that I have to invent now, rather than something I've used before? I find the terminology terribly confusing!! I was using my Personal Posting Key or Password - a long one - but I tried the other long ones too....

Yes, the "secret passphrase" is something new, which you will invent now, to secure your info in this new Hive Recovery Account Service.

Is the Master Password the Owner Key?

No, they are separate. The Owner Key and Master Password are different things.

I just tried this and got the same result. Did anyone help you with this?