The Other Side Of Crypto

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Education can sometimes be limiting, given that many times, you only operate within the scope of knowledge you have garnered on a particular subject, regardless of the depths of knowledge available on such subject.


You could argue that education is never all-encompassing, at least not at once, which is the reason why even in our places of formal education, a particular subject could be taught for 2 years, in segments, so as to allow the students to digest everything slowly, over a good period of time.

But there is something peculiar in the world of crypto when you relate it to how education can be limiting. I have noticed that there are traditional, old-school types of crypto users. These are people who do mostly buying and selling without any thought or need for the other sides of Crypto.

I have friends in the above category, we call them exchangers and that's all they do in the crypto space. They buy your coins and pay you in the local currency or they sell to you and get paid in the local currency. This is how they got their crypto education, and they don't bother to explore.

At one point in my crypto journey, I tried so much to be part of this category, but it never really worked out because I didn't have the patience to learn the ropes, which was a little too boring for my taste.

Lucky for me, I had already been introduced to the more exciting side of crypto which involved hunting for airdrops, taking part in bounties and ultimately either HODLing or liquidating my rewards.

Continuing on this trajectory, and it wasn't long before I stumbled upon crypto-blogging which ultimately led me to HIVE where I consider a crypto college. Yeah, a crypto college because in my view, you can learn all the facets of crypto there is, at least the introductory parts through the pool of contents available here.

Many of these old-school types of crypto adopters are already successful in trading crypto, which is just one facet of it but are totally ignorant of all other facets of the industry. Which is a testament to how vast crypto is, and the amount of learning required before you could learn every part.

People like these may not understand what terms like DAPPS mean, what Powering Up and delegating on Hive is, but they are doing quite well in their own little corner, buying and selling.


Somebody like me on the other hand who loves the more exciting side of crypto, I have little to no interest in learning Technical and Fundamental Analysis because I have little to no interest in full time buying and selling of crypto for profit. I'd rather write, earn, power up, delegate, rinse and repeat. Much more exciting.

When I said that education is sometimes limiting, maybe what I wanted to say was education through mentoring - Knowledge gotten through mentoring are sometimes indoctrinating, which in effect doesn't allow you to see things or do things any other way aside from what has been taught.

There is this friend of mine, who I consider as part of the old-school category of crypto adopters. He is a football fanatic and many times we just get together to analyse and argue about football. But because he got that old-school type of introduction into crypto, he has proven a little too difficult for me to onboard into this side of crypto.
Imagine instead of analysing by word of mouth, he could write these analyses and post them on like me, earn, power up, delegate and make money.

My friend and I are actually deeply buried and actively pursuing crypto rewards and profits but given our different crypto-education background, we are chasing these rewards through totally different routes alien to each other, yet part of the same crypto space.


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