The Implications of What You're Doing Here Go Far Beyond Hive

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As the world moves more and more and more online, what you all have created here truly creates a formula. Many people are living and socializing more in digital spaces like Tiktok or Twitch or in their games than they are in the material world. If this trend keeps progressing and technology keeps moving forward, it's easy to imagine that essentially everything as we know it will fall away to be replaced with an upgraded technological version.

Technology is capable of keeping intimate tabs on us and will probably totally replace government as we know it in the coming decades.

Zuckerberg, Elon Musk and others are creating our future as we speak. But so are you all here! Technology can go one of two ways: the way of tyranny and control in the hands of the few much like the history of the world, or the way of freedom. Likely it will go the way that things always go: a mix of the two. We're part of the latter. Each and every one of us who interact here are working things out. We've experienced personally how it is that people are able to exercise and manipulate control. In our use of this site we experience firsthand what happens inside of all of our systems when money gets into the hands of the few. And we evolve because people in here get together and come up with solutions.

AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEES THE HUMONGOUS IMPLICATIONS OF THAT? Do you realize when you work out a problem of manipulation by the 1% the implications that that has?? You are literally figuring out how this problem that has been experienced by the world since the dawn of history can be solved. One could go so far as to say that that very problem has been the problem of humanity since nearly the dawn of humanity.

As far as I can see, people on this blockchain are and have been the people most making use of cryptocurrency in any real, tangible way. This ecosystem is quite literally a microcosm of economics and politics.

Naturally we'll experience all that humanity experiences in here. There will be greedy people, tycoons, bullies, healers, a "working class", rich, poor... People from all over the world participate here! We have an economy that includes people from every continent. People from all over the world are taking part in this grand experiment. Each person brings their personal experience from their government and their culture and their economy.

Money is in many the ways the foundation of life. By working the bugs out of how money flows and is utilized here, that can apply to any area of life. If you believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain are the future, and we're in here working the bugs out in that space, then the implications of what we're doing here are immeasurable.



Agree. And I feel like all the hit pieces I see Elsewhere On The Internet generally written by people who don't really understand how blockchain works are all part of a push by those-who-already-have-power trying desperately to keep that power. I see it a lot among my fellow leftists, memes that on their face show that you never really looked for yourself to see how blockchain works or you ONLY looked at Bitcoin and assumed that all blockchain was exactly the same, and it's trendy to mock it like it's trendy to mock Nickleback. I'm always popping in trying to educate, essentially I see Hive as a co-op which is pretty frikkin' leftist if you ask me, and some people concede that maybe Hive isn't so bad but are still pretty closed-ears when it comes to blockchain in general. Which I think is a shame because we can really take power away from the centralized powerful here, which pretty much everyone wants, regardless of political leanings? But among leftists it's painted with the capitalist brush and therefore bad - and yeah, I would like the moneyless society where everyone has what they need and it's a solarpunk utopia too but I don't think we're going to get there tomorrow and in the meantime we have to survive under the current capitalist system. You don't jump from A to Z overnight, you need to take all the steps to get there.
So I'm in here as the token leftist doing my part to try and change things and mutual aid and stuff. :)

I think you described my own thoughts on the subject succinctly! There was a post on reddit a few days ago that asked, "What small giveaway lets you know someone is unintelligent?" And I think my answer is how you described people reacting to blockchain! To me the sign of low intelligence is when someone isn't able to look at information objectively or at all. A refusal to even think about something. And that is what all these people are doing. They meme on something they don't even know anything about.

Unfortunately, groupthink is real and happens on all ends of the political spectrum. And we're very much raised to be thus. It's a journey to start questioning everything and then takes practice and discernment to learn to think critically - whether that's questioning "official" propaganda or that-doesn't-even-make-sense conspiracy theories. Like I've always said, I'm fine with people debating various conspiracies as long as they don't hurt anybody, but some of them are legit harmful and sometimes people don't notice the difference because they've started to question the mainstream stuff but not the not-mainstream stuff, you know? Like there are wolves on both ends of that spectrum who very much want to fool people. But I digress.
It's just layers of unlearning and takes time and effort. I'm sure a decade from now I'll be looking at me now and thinking, "wow, I really believed that" because there are always going to be more things that you haven't examined critically yet, so please don't think that I'm ranting about this thinking that I Have It All Figured Out, because I sure don't. But just, some people don't even try and that's what gets me!
For me, I think it's less about intelligence per se and more about comfort. It isn't easy to look at the society you've been groomed to perpetuate and realize how effed it is, and way more comfortable to say, "nope, I don't want to know" and live your quiet life.

Ha I've definitely run the gamut of beliefs in my life! I did it enough that I just stopped. 😄 Now I just see the world through a wide enough lens that I see all things as true because they exist. 🤷🏼‍♀️

That is all true.

One major difference I see with technology is that there are more people today who are not part of the establishment who can develop stuff. There are coders everywhere and not all are going to work for FB or the NSA.

This offers a tremendous counter-offensive is we things about it. We are able to develop around the tyranny they are trying to instill.

By the way, on technological articles like this, I would suggest posting to as well as STEMgeeks. Both tribes need content like this and will get you some other tokens.

By the way, on technological articles like this, I would suggest posting to as well as STEMgeeks. Both tribes need content like this and will get you some other tokens.

Thanks for this! Is it the same to post in the Leofinance community here on Peakd?

You can use to do the posting. It all feeds into Hive. Leofinance is for crypto/finance/business topics. When you start talking about Web 3.0 and technology, that is fitting for what it is since it deals with blockchain and crypto.

Leofinance is a tribe for specific topics, not general like Peakd. However, you would also earn LEO tokens in addition to whatever Hive you get.