Hive Lives in the Heart of a Guy They Call Tako 🙏🏾

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Last week of class, new job coming, I’m about to get a chance to further my education, data analysis certificate is getting closer to being completed… Did I forget anything?

So much to celebrate, and so many blessings coming. A good portion of it is due to my time spent on hive! I’ve gotten to develop new interest and was introduced to a lot of new perspectives that have had a positive effect on my perception.

I’ve gotten a chance to express myself uninterrupted without a lot of bullshit that I get in other settings and I really appreciate this community for that.

I hadn’t been doing a ton of posting lately but it’s something that I miss. I’ve just been in a crazy learning period that has been pretty time consuming but I’m getting to the point where I’m learning enough to be able to share things with you all. So hopefully we can start getting back to a semi-regular posting schedule hears in a couple of weeks.


I’ve been developing some new skills in excel and SQL. I’m about to learn how to use tableau pretty soon and get into my first programming language R! And I can’t help but to think this all started with using markdown to create hive posts…

But be on the lookout for new content in that area. Also gonna be getting back to blockchain content and Freewrites like this.

But I just had to let you all know that my appreciation for the platform had been growing even without me doing a ton of posting.






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