Proof of Vaccine or else!

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Does it make you feel safer that the Department of Defense had such a hand in the cards that prove you were vaccinated? The fact that if you get the vaccine you can then spread it isn't very comforting nor is the chat of how many places are going to require tracking phones and proof of vaccine. I'm all for science and saving lives but seeing that if you break your ankle you may be told "tough shit", something just seems way off on the whole thing. Basically the public is being told if it's anything other then Covid ........oh well. It's so bad that even my jaded ass is questioning about everything.


Here are some links to further make you feel like you are in an existential crisis or that CERN really did some weird interdimensional shift and everything truly is upside down.

This quote is scary given the players behind it and think there will be pushback more then they realize when people don't want Apple and Microsoft "marking" them as supposedly safe or not.

Plenty of technologists are working to make it a reality. Companies of all sizes have been pouring in resources: Microsoft, major airlines, Ticketmaster, prominent nonprofits, security companies, tech startups and blockchain companies are all taking hacks at what some call vaccine passports. Apple and Google have participated in discussions about how to create digital Covid-19 vaccine certificates, experts said, but they haven't announced plans.
^NBC News/ "Paper beats app"


They can jam this moronic shit up their skanky arses

agreed ;)

They are naïve in regards to how people find ways to cheat the system. Like what's going to keep someone from using someone else's card/phone or copying the papers to gain entry somewhere. Myself I am going to wait to see what Israel comes out with, they just started their trials so at least they've put a bit more thought into it and from what I've heard already it doesn't involved any RNA/DNA long term use unproven technologies.

they are naive on the amount who will take this vaccine, it's way below 50% including healthcare workers who feel sketch on it and that's imho what may make it turn mandatory which leaves a ton of people like myself with some health stuff who can't take it what? unable to trade,buy etc....sounds like something outta da Bible yo!

uv my own damn stuff, if people make 11 dollars on photoshopped b.s. about muffins I'll get R.O.I. thanks k bai

Interesting I'll keep an eye on that! This shit is sketchy as hell.

bigtime, have tons of stuff wanna write about on here just ....time and writers block happens also things don't need to be an essay on here to get their point across which am glad some of you realize <3

You are are likely to get struck by lightning than die from this flu garbage. So I will take my chances and shove their vaccine up their asses, then happily walk away and not get struck by lightning.

I find if funny they are avoiding the mental health cost etc. of are stuck at home watching MSM fear porn all day with families scared of going hungry while the billionaires made record profits, great system :(

I believe is this “thing” wouldn’t have been so politicized, dramatized and over exaggerated by the media... we would all be saying what we do every other flu season... “This year’s flu is a nasty one, wash your good and if you feel sick stay home!”

Many many small business owners have not only lost their businesses but their lives have been ruined. And exactly what you said. Walmart and Home Depot and Amazon are doing amazing. A handful of people can’t go into a small business, but let’s funnel thousands of people through one set of door at Walmart. You know there are 2 sets of doors... wouldn’t it be “better” to utilize both doors... hello!! Social distancing!! 🤣😂🤣