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What if we could (together, as a community) "target" topics in search engines——and start getting more organic exposure for Hive?

What if we could use linking and content marketing strategies to TELL Google and other search engines what Hive is all about?

When online businesses invest in content marketing, they do it for a few reasons:

  1. It makes it possible for them to get free traffic from search engines.

  2. Inbound marketing (free and organic traffic) has 3X return-on-investment (ROI) more than outbound marketing (paid traffic) on average.

  3. Even though it costs a ton of money (or time) to publish decent content——it eventually becomes a powerful conversion tool and moves people through the "buyer's journey."

  4. Content marketing allows us to enact the "law of reciprocity" by "attracting" people with helpful content.

So, how does this apply to Hive?

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Well, we could do the same thing. Just think about Medium or Quora. They've grown enormous by doing ONE thing:

  • Getting their users to answer people's questions.

So, what if we could do the same thing on Hive?

But what if——instead of answering just any questions——we'd answer the one's that matter to the people who are most likely to be interested in Hive?

I think we'd get:

✔ More exposure for Hive

✔ More opportunities to convert "visitors" into "new users"

✔ The ability to "target" whatever topic we choose and start ranking for it (with the expenditure of some time & effort)

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And content marketing is one area where Hive has a real advantage.

Hive is a content machine...

Content marketing (the right way) is a large investment for businesses. It costs a TON of money.

But Hive is a community full of people who already invest their time. We might not need the large monetary input it would take to get something like this off the ground for a company.

We'd just need a few different people:

  1. Some SEO guys (to do research, find search terms, and suggest anchor text).

  2. A head of content marketing (for content strategy, layout structure, and posting schedule).

  3. Some writers to write the posts on schedule (with proper heading structure and decent skills).

  4. A platform like Asana (or maybe something free) and Slack to pull the team together and start coming up with projects.

Example Project:

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A small test initiative could be writing a mountain of posts (with headings and text optimized for SEO) describing what Hive is in various ways and then link to each other's posts within each post using anchor text that includes search terms like:

  • "crypto blog" - 390/m search volume
  • "cryptocurrency blog" 260/m search volume
  • "best crypto blog" 90/m search volume
  • "crypto mining blog" 50/m volume
  • "crypto trading blog" 20/m volume

(etc...) create what's essentially an "indexable book" for search engines.

Then, also make sure each one of the posts links back to the Hive homepage with matching anchor text (Example of Anchor Text)

That way, we'd basically be signaling to Google and other search engines that "Hive is a crypto blog"——so that when people search that term...

Hive will show up...

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We could do this with different topics relative to the interests of our users. What's important to note, is we don't necessarily have to blog about things related to cryptocurrency——or even Hive to generate momentum...

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Just like we do with content marketing——we figure out the interests of our "verticals" (Definition: verticals are the different groups of people most likely to be interested in a product/service/community).

In the case of Hive, our verticals might look like:

  • Hive end-users (curators and content creators)

  • STEM/Developers

  • Avid traders and economists

  • Specialists (anyone else)

And we can figure out the answer to the "interest" question by simply asking:

So, what are Y'ALL interested in??? Lol. 😂🤣

And I don't mean just topics solely in the "crypto-sphere." Anything goes, so long as it is a common "hot topic." Because we'd be catching people in different stages of "awareness" and getting exposure that way.

For Example:

  • Writing helpful information (like tutorials for troubleshooting code or creating cool projects if you're STEM).


  • Creating easily searchable educational content around photography (if you're in a photography community).


  • Writing "how to trade" articles around a certain stock indicator (Leofinance is awesome, btw).

Any and all of this stuff would be done with proper linking structure and backed by some SEO research. But the point is to possess a more "outward-facing" approach to our content creation...

Basically, we could just aim at a target, shoot, and actually hit it.

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So, what do you guys think?

It's just a thought.



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