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“ETH is going to PoS, not DPoS”

They’re moving to 4-10% staking rewards. It doesn’t matter if governance is delegated or not. It’s the rewards that’s driving the hype/FOMO about it, not whether they can directly post on the Ethereum blockchain.

And as I said - we can still post on-chain. That doesn’t need to change. It’s just the posting/curation rewards that will be moved to a layer two community if the rewards are the most important part of the equation.

But like I said - if the HIVE rewards for dev talk are so important and that’s the only thing keeping Hive alive, then it should and will probably die. Small-minded thinking is what has tied our hands for four years. Let those weak hands move on to a place where collecting scraps of shittokens for shitposting is the preferred path to growth. I’m just not interested in that...and it seems that the general market isn’t either.


If you truly believe any of this - why did you write this post and accept rewards for it? If writing posts about governance/function ideas should not have value, then you and 314 voters seem to disagree with you. Look at all the people thinking this post should have rewards. Look at your stake grow as you gain support for your ideas. If you don't think it works and shouldn't be here, quit doing it. You can get 10% + without posting for rewards

“If you truly believe any of this - why did you write this post and accept rewards for it?”

Umm...because we’re still using the current system? If there was a layer two community for this, I’d use it. If the discussions were taking place on the base layer without rewards, I’d use it.

Your “Gotcha!” makes no sense. I can’t use solutions that don’t yet exist. So here we are.

For the record: I’m not against content rewards. I just don’t think they’re needed on Hive’s base layer and I don’t think we do social interfaces and algorithms well enough to make them widely attractive.

I think maybe you missed that point.

Hive Engine has had Tribes for a while now. The solution absolutely exists. You also said it'd be the same as declining rewards - declining rewards also exists
You could be using an L2 solution right now and not accept HIVE rewards. It does exist. It obviously exists. You're not using it. You had your choice of both where to start the convo, and whether or not to accept rewards. You chose base layer + rewards

ETH isn't the only chain with staking... err... will have soon. You know what I mean
There are hundreds of chains staking for rewards and nobody cares about them. If the value of other tokens is the driving purpose for change, then why look at ETH? BTC is more valuable. Let's strip all data but xfer out - then we can be as awesome as BTC!