Getting a covid vaccine and other topics for posting in the future

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Hello all,

I have not been very active on Hive after my first post but I'm hoping to find my place on Hive and find authors to read. To help this task I've decided two topics I'll be posting about.

  1. I am getting my COVID-19 vaccine Thursday this week and I will post my experiences after getting the vaccine.
  2. I will start my masters' studies after summer and will be studying energy technology. To teach the hive users about energy technology and to support my own studies, I will be posting about the topics I am studying. I am assuming this will also be a method to improve my own learning, as I am writing about the topics to be studied.

The masters' studies will be starting in September but I am hoping to get familiar with the science & technology authors of Hive before that.


 last year 

Have a look at, a community dedicated to STEM topics. You can use any of our tags (STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and your post will show up on our site, but you will only earn half the STEM tokens you would earn if you posted directly from the site.

Have questions? Check join our Discord.

Thank you! I will have to look into the token system as I only know the basics, but the community looks like the best place for me to be. This helps me a lot.

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