Exploring the dApps on HIVE as a newb and playing with it!

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Hoppin back on HIVE like a good n' proper Hiver...Hivian....Hivic...HIVE user.

First, I would have never figured this site out if it wasn't for @hiveqa. Dude you saved me about 6hrs of research and headache and made me want to actually utilize this site.

I'm a musician, and not much of a programmer. So even beginning to understand what a network like HIVE is capable of is a pretty big task.

That said, it is the exploration that is fun. Looking into this new abstract world of dApps, I feel kind of dumb a lot of times. I know that dApp means distributed application but I never really understood what that really meant until digging a little more into programming. Starting to understand what a blockchain back-end really can provide functionally to a network is kind of like finding a new literature section in a bookstore that you never knew existed.

In my gestalt style brain I see big picture kind of ideas way more than the details which can be a great thing as well as a curse. Understanding something like dApps and how they function on HIVE is like opening a door of abstraction, like a whole new list of "what ifs" and "possibilities" and "potential" that my creative sense of purpose just can't help but want to sink its teeth into. Call it novel intuition.



So there is d.buzz which is like a twitter thing. Which is cool cause I can be really chatty. I wish there was a few more users utilizing that platform that I could follow. I love to read people's quick thoughts, which is kind of half the beauty of microblogging. Check out d.buzz and give me a follow there! I've been using it more than twitter lately.


Another dApp I found looking at Hiveprojects.io was this berries thing. I'm not sure what it is, but hey, I signed up for it, because well, #web3 and #dapps and its fun! It looks like a form of donation service or tip service, so let me know if you do tip me, I'd love to do some custom art for you if you do!
If you do tip me, note: Long term HIVE hodler, HBD delegated to HIVE projects music, art and gaming related. Donations will be staked/utilized, not liquidated, so thank you!!

I will post more blogs about different dapps that I come across, as well as some projects I am working on for myself. If any of these platforms above look interesting, please hop in and give them a look! I would love more followers on dbuzz, and will happily follow you back!


All good my man I like helping and glad you are taking off here!

Dbuzz is one of my favorites. One warning, hive has more and more and more stuff to discover. Know about https://hive-engine.com with smart contracts? I just sent you some LUV tokens there.

I appreciate it! I saw LUV there. I'm going to write up a few more posts about the different things ive found. Thanks again for the LUV. I dont know how to really utilize smart contracts for myself, thought about making my own token on engine though

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