I Cleared My Follow List

in #hivelast year


Hello there. I cleared my hive.blog watchlist today. I unfollowed some accounts. Of course, I did this according to certain criteria.

  • I unfollowed accounts with 100% voting power all the time. This was because these accounts did not contribute here. I thought why should I vote for accounts that see voting for 1-2 cents a lot.

  • I made some exceptions when applying the first item. Accounts with insufficient RC are excluded. Accounts that shared 2-3 days ago are excluded. 2-3 may not have been active and could not vote.

  • I unfollowed accounts that have not shared content for more than 15 days. I want my watch list to consist of constantly active accounts. The accounts I follow must be generating accounts. I have to learn from them, I have to develop.

As a result, the number of accounts I follow decreased from 47 to 39. I will keep checking my watch list constantly.

I have a request from you here. Can you recommend me in the comments the accounts that you know produce quality content on finance, technology, cryptocurrencies, personal development, education and so on?

Thank you very much in advance. See you soon.


Hi! I can recommend my account. Also take a look at @secondmedicalop and @ikservices

Hello there. Thank you so much. I will take care.