Some awareness.... please help!

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Ok... ACTIVE key released in the first post!

Now we need to make some noise right? Yes! I know the drill... I am counting on you! So to incentivize the broadcasting of this, @forykw will help. He can potentially throw some 100% (~0.30$) upvotes...

Sharing and commenting is very important. Anywhere... 😍

I wish this 🗝KEY sticking everywhere!

SHARE this PRIVATE KEY: 👉5JhFVNJ6nGdVCQL1CthT4KMsa3HqygTb9KniY8xC5XAhafaX9b1


A NEW Challenge...

Every day... (or whenever humanly possible) @forykw will send 0.01 HIVE to @active.key... It can be more, it can be less (Trump speech 😂). The idea is to see when Bots will kick in! LOL

@forykw can do a transfer anytime... everyday! Minimum 0.01 HIVE!


Done... first 0.01 HIVE challenged...

Forgot to log that because no one did anything I have staked it.. but I am now sending 1 HIVE.

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