Guess Whose Back, Back Again, KLYE is Back, Tell Some Men

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Looks like my Hive-Engine Node is back online.. Go vote for that shit on Please!

I'm currently at rank 22.. I need to be rank 20 or better in order to get all the awesomeness..

Will be keeping this node going proper for a few months to see if it'll break even atleast. I know that if I get into the top 20 witness rankings then it should break even, then I can afford to keep running it!

Also go vote for @rishi556 n the witness stuff too.. He fucks!


Every Single Vote Helps, Thanks for the Support!

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Thank you Satan!

Lets goooooo

Let's go Brandon!

This says you are only in place 40.

What do i do?

And if you could tell me, where do i go to use my resource credits to make new accounts?

Ah. Different network man. That is for HIVE witness. This post is for Hive-Engine witness.

You can vote for it here

If you have powered up BEE then it counts. If not, no worries. The votes can just be for show. Much appreciate the effort and support. <3

Unfortunately I have little involvement with the tribaldex witnesses, but I'm voting for you on Hive, good luck

Thanks for your support captain.

Already voted for you just waiting for the big top 20 now :)

Mucho Gracias. <3

Dear, @klye

May we ask you to review and support our @cryptobrewmaster GameFi proposal on DHF? It can be found here

If you havent tried playing CryptoBrewMaster you can give it a shot. Our @hivefest presentation available here on the YouTube with a pitchdeck of what we building in general

Vote with,, Hivesigner

Thank you!

The more apps the merrier. Voting now.

cool cool tyty

You are most welcome.

Voted both witnesses with my little stake

Thank you kindly!


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