Guess Who Just Created Their First Hive-Engine Chain Block? Go Vote KLYE as Hive-Engine Side Chain Witness Immediately!

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( this clusterfuck of JSON on shows the first of many Hive-Engine side chain created blocks by KLYE )

Well folks, after putting it off for what is literal years, a clients' project that I'd worked on ended up requiring a Hive-Engine side chain node.. And after what feels like weeks of trying to get the shit running and some guardian angel type shit from @rishi556 with him helping me troubleshoot and ultimately tossing some hardware at me... Finally got a working HE witness server rolling.

If you happen to have some WORKERBEE powered up and would like to help me rise up the ranks of the Hive-Engine witness list, please feel free to check out and scroll to nearly the bottom and toss me a vote.

( go check out and give me a witness vote please )

To be honest I spent way to long getting this thing going, with my first attempt going terribly then ultimately having Rishi point out it might be a hardware issue.. Either way now that I have a dedicated HE access point and witness server there is going to be some neat projects come out of it.. Rumour has it a tribaldex/ competitor WITHOUT deposit and withdraw fees is on the horizon, entirely independent of the existing 2nd layer side chain DEX we have now, but allowing HE tokens. Also heard a rumour there might be some serious interoperability enhancers for the HE tokens coming as well.. although as far as validity and timelines on these rumours.. ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

( a screencap from showing KLYE finally creating his first Hive-Engine chain block )

Currently at rank 80 (38 actual) I'm hitting creating a HE block every hour or so. My node is a light node, however a full node is on the way once I sort out some resource bogging on my main server to get that going, but for the time being will be pounding blocks out.

Excited to finally get going with some more HE related stuff, even if I initially avoided it for whatever reason. Now back to what I intended to do today, which was trying to get Hive.Loans going.

Cheers folks, thanks for reading.


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@tipu curate 💯💪

Amazing work!
So excited for this.

Ayy. Should be good. trying to tune the node now and find the balance between all the blocks and light node.

Congratulations on your hard work paying off!
Keep up the great job @kyle 💻👨‍💻🖱⌨

Upvoted and curated 💯

Thank you very much captain! <3

I can probably throw my vote your way on there.

Is it still Staked BXT that influences my voting weight?

I believe the WORKERBEE token is the one that needs staked to count.

Thank you.

well you have my vote

anytime :) keep up the good work

Cheers papi!

@klye Thats so cool! Great work. !PIZZA

no u

Take this just in case.

*begins to hallucinate *


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