Apes are aping into APE - apemining.club successful launch last night!

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I was thinking and thinking - what will be my first move? I pumped a few of my bros for information - what were they going to do? I made a plan, and executed. How did it go? Read on to find out!


Go to https://apemining.club/ to check out the game!

From @apeminingclub blog, we learned about all the effects, we could steal pools for STEM, leading to 10% earned on all miners spent in that pool. We could hold APE, leading to 10% shared of all miners spent in all pools. We could buy miners for APE, which will share in the daily emissions pools. And finally, we can boost the pools with STEM, leading to double emissions for that pool.

The question always was, who will be the biggest ape?


By constantly refreshing the page, I got the jump on everyone. I stole every pool for 1 stem each, and then waited for another steal, still very cheap. @chronocrypto came and I stole them all back again. I was happy to see the site align the numbers in real time, it was easy to see who was stealing and steal it back from them fast.

Buy stealing these pools early and cheap, my goal was to get the 10% owner rewards of the first miners being sold by all the apes out there. And my strategy worked pretty well, until the biggest ape of them all @raymondspeaks stepped in.

There was a problem with the slider part of the interface, and there was a short time where we could only act manually. I managed to steal a few pools back from Raymond manually in this time, and hit a few more owner bonuses in the meantime, but Ray came back with a vengeance


Ray figured correctly that I would only push it so far, and he became the new owners, for a while at least.

In the meantime, a player had sent APE to the wrong account during the manual phase. @apemingclub will not get you any credit! Luckily, I know an old trick and I will teach it to you all right now.


Hive-Engine will let you send to non-existant accounts, its on the front-end to check for these things (which is why the green check mark on splinterlands transfers), and this is really only a risk when doing things manually. BUT - there is a trick - if the account doesn't exist you can make it and access the tokens. I sped into action.


I created the account using the peakd wallet and an account claim I had on hand. By the way, keep claiming accounts people, splinterlands seems to be using them all up and it might not be long until they are actually worth something!


By the time @adamada bought again, I wasn't the owner of the pool, but I am still happy my tech-savvy was able to help someone out... again.


In this whole time @themarkymark was coding on the fly, fixing the slider and some other tidbits of code to make this game run like a finely-tuned machine.

Eventually, I had to go to bed, and this morning when I woke up, I found out how much STEM had really been burned....

Here is what was spent on boosts, plus thousands of STEM spent on stealing ownership of the pools, which is way too expensive now (but will half every 24 hours at payout time)

For a grand total of 10180 STEM burned!


To put this in perspective, @themarkymark says about 1500 new STEM are created each day.


Only time will tell the future for APE, but we can already see that STEM is a big winner here.

As the posts always say:


Freedom and Friendship!


This is new! Looks pretty cool though…

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This is APEtastic, do apes love !PIZZA

We LOVE pizza!

@ecoinstant! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @cooperclub.

Did you know Pizzabot speaks Spanish if you use the command ESPIZZA? (1/20)

Barring a few starting hiccups which many of us face as we are new to platform, I think ape is going to be another splinterlands soon

Thank you so much for that quick save, I already counted my loses over that simple blunder in those quick seconds but miracles do happen.

So happy I could help out an old guild member! Thanks for the tip!

I "aped" in myself last night. Well, I should qualify that, I dipped a tiny little ape toe in last night. Ha! I'm not whale enough to be stealing things but it's fun to be a part of a new "game" at the very beginning. We'll see where it leads.

In the meantime.....

By the way, keep claiming accounts people,

How do you do this?

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Claim accounts in the Peakd wallet. The arrow next to 'delegate'

Thank you for voting for @pizza.witness!

How do I buy this CPU ?
The buy button doesn't work

EDIT: nvm figured it out.

with ape or stem i guess

Man, this is awesome!

I'm already on it :)

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I didn't buy any equipment since we were suppose to get holding rewards. I am wondering if I need to log into the interface or not though to claim.

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I'm not sure either, but we will find out soon!


If you did log in, you could see your pending rewards, although they are divided up for each pool (your holding portion for the miners bought from each pool)


great work! looks fun ....get me some Ape! !PIZZA

@ecoinstant! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @stickupboys.

Did you know Pizzabot speaks Spanish if you use the command ESPIZZA? (3/20)

I like the concept i would have it buy I don't have money to buy ape so later I will try it

Man, this is awesome!😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

How do I claim accounts with the peakd wallet?

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There is a drop down menu under your HP, if you don't have enough Resource Credits (RC) it might now show:


Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 71 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!






@ecoinstant, you've been given LUV from @pixresteemer.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (5/5)

wow a week of STEM burned glad Ibought some.. wonder if APE's will spend as much STEM next week!

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