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RE: Our toddler learns doing some math equation using variables.

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Oh! Your little princess is so clever. I am also amazed to know that she is able to do that. (For me, I am not good at mathematic.)

Wishing you and your warm family a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2022! 😍


Many of people do share the same feeling with you towards math... hahaha.
This is one of our goal by presenting it to her early enough.
We didn't really expect nor demand her to understand much this early, but at least we want to let her get accustomed to it so that she wouldn't build a resistance or dislike towards it.. cos math is a part of our life afterall.
All aspect in life needs math up to certain point... counting the bills, managing the household also needs math... so even a housewife needs it too hahahahaha.

Haha! I'm glad to know that many of people do share the same feeling with me towards math.... 😸

It's a very good idea and a very great decision that you presented it to her early in this way. She seems to enjoy learning it. 😍

I absolutely agree with you, "all aspect in life needs math"...., even a housewife... Haha! 😁