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Experiments are the best way to awake natural kid's interest to sciences, such as chemistry and physics.


My school sciences were very boring, that's why I got nothing from lessons, I had my good mark but I really knew almost nothing.
Hello, school system! 😩
Now when I really need some knowledge about these sciences, I failed...

But I've one more chance to get knowledge - to study sciences together with my son;)

And now we both make different experiments with great pleasure - it's fun + useful knowledge that helps to understand life and its processes.

So... our new experiment was devoted to water and it's surface tension🌟

It's hard to explain a 7-year old kid what it means. Actually for me at 35 it's hard as well😅😅
But when you see a nice experiment how it works, you understand it fast and easy!

So we need:

  • a glass of water
  • some pepper or cinnamon
  • some liquid for washing dishes

We had cinnamon, so we used it.
Take a full glass of water.
Put some cinnamon on the surface.

It will remain on the surface.

That's what we call "surface tension".

The next stage is taking 1-2 drops of liquid for washing dishes and put it into the glass.

And see what will be happening!

All cinnamon will be replaced to sides, like it's running away from these drops;)

And in some seconds it will start to sink!


Because liquid for washing dishes destroyes surface tension, and all what we had on the surface, will go down to the bottom of the glass.

Very clear and easy explanation, yeah?😉


Greetings @taliakerch, happy new year full of great blessings for you and yours; nothing like experiments to awaken the interest of children and do science at home, a simple activity with a lot of learning.

Happy Wednesday!

thank you!! happy new year!!🌟 oh yeah...to awake interest is the main;)

Excellent publication, I miss applying science at home, I always did it with my granddaughter, but now she is far away and I can't do the activities with her.
thanks for sharing.

maybe you will use internet connection to make some experiments together?:)

This is such a nice experiment for kids. Learning at home is fun as well. For sure you're a great teacher to your kid. ☺️ Keep it up my friend. ☺️

Meanwhile my daughter who tried high school said she really enjoyed chemistry classes (because they had all the proper tools and equipment...but still according to the lecturers I had at uni, they don't teach it properly), but if you ask her she apparently still can't remember the first thing XD

Nice simple fun one :D And also one I didn't do directly, they did a similar thing with making Milo and hot chocolate but of course you don't add detergent to that XD

Have you done the milk, food colouring and detergent one yet? And different principles but somewhat related, have you done the flower one?

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Wow, that's neat to see the process here for copying the lesson !invest_vote

wow... What a good fact to teach the little ones at home. Best regards