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How to make Maths interesting is my main question now;) Just counting is really boring, and kids can hate it in this case.

I always seek for some creative ideas, how to make it unusual, or how to find ways where it is unusual or special.

A clock - it was my assistant today!😍 and we didn't just make Maths exercises with my son, we were looking for Time Secrets! and he was very excited to know them;)

Just look here!
We need a clock, and some paper to draw our own clock to have a chance make notes there

and then magic begins;)

🌟Did you know that all numbers that stand opposite each other make 6 in difference

🌟Or this secret

All numbers in such pairs make 12 in total

🌟and one more secret

This combinations always get 13 in total;)

I just showed my son a way how to count it and proposed to uhnderstand what secret the clock had, and he had to count all combinations to see its logical structure.

He was very excited, and the speed of his counting was much better in the end of this Maths exercises;)


Wow! That indeed is a very interesting way to teach Math while making the kids acquainted with the clock.

Maths is interesting:)

Interesting strategy for the little ones to learn mathematics through the example of a clock. I really liked it! It is simple, entertaining and beneficial.

Greetings and blessings

and very unusual:)😄

Clocks are sneaky like 6-sided dice and their adding up to 7 😄

(I haven’t checked other dice for similar secrets if any)

yeaah I'm sure they have;)

This is an awesome idea to help you children calculative.

Thank you.

use it;)