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To explain your kid such a complicated word as "density", you can use a visual experiment.

To make it we need some different liquids:

  • honey
  • gel for washing dishes
  • water (with colour)
  • plant oil
  • alcochol

At first we read some info in the book: what density is and how to check it by an easy experiment.

My son didn't get at once what it is, and for 7 y.o it's really not easy, but when you take liquids and start to mix them, you see how it happens, and why they all have different places in one bottle.

So we took all these liquids and a big bottle.
Then we poured them all one after another using this very order (like I've mentioned above)

And as a result we see that they don't mix, they take different place in this multi-storeyed "house" of liquids, and the density is the reason of it.

It was a bright experiment that can explain a new word to a kid easy and fast🎇


This is really amazing! I love your experiment because they're not complicated and I can easily do them with Caleb. Hehe.
Cool stuff!

and that;s why I share them:) Caleb, be ready for a nice game!:))😊💚

Wow! Really amazing, very, very interesting this experiment. Something that captures the little one's attention and teaches something amazing by playing science at home. Greetings and blessings

yeahh kids adore to pour liquids from one cup to another, and it's very interesting for them + new knowledge!;)

Even at this age, I am still amazed by this kind of experiment.
By and by my appreciation for homeschooling grows day by day. ☺️
Have a nice day.

you know - me too;))
it sems to me I like them even more than my son;))😆

Ahahahah... Same

Wow! doing science at home is so much fun, it's amazing what we can do with the products we regularly have at home; I think you have a very talented little scientist.


thank you! it's really cool that having usual products we can see physical and chemical processes, but at school I never saw it...why was our studying so boring?:)

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