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Neurobiology is a science that helps us to understand how our brain works and make it do it better and faster. Thus, we can work and act more effectively, and we can help our kids to use their natural abilities and develop them well.

Tatyana Chernigovskaya is a famous Russian neurobiologist, ans she shares with us her main tips to help parents teach their kids better. It's advice from her lecture I've watched recently.


Choose RIGHT time for studying

It's WRONG to make a kid study as early as parents can. At 2, 3, years many parents really make their kids read or do anything that is too early for their period of development.

Effective study is study in time, when brains is ready for it, when a kidis eager to get knowledge, and he really can do it fast and well.


Develop fine motor skills

It influences the whole work of brains and especially speech.
If a kid can't use scissors well, can't write well, can't do anything with tiny things, can't sculpt then parents will NOT see good results in his development .

Music is a great teacher

Now we know that when music is involved in human development at an early age, it greatly affects the structure and quality of the neural network. When we hear speech, complex physical signal processing occurs in our head.

Decibels, intervals are heard by our ears, but this is all physics. The ear listens, but the brain hears. When a child learns music, he studies to pay attention to small details, distinguishing sounds and durations. And thus a fine cut of the neural network is formed.

Don't let your brains be lazy

There is no pauses in life. If you don't move ahead, you move back. If you stop development, you go down in your personal development competition. So new tasks, new challenges and new info should come to the kid regularly.

Boys and girls are different

Their brains have different structure and skills, so studying should be organized in a different manner.

Boys like short tasks, short speech and practical lessons with challenges and competitions.
Girls need to be in contact, in a group, they like eye contact, and they feel free in theoretical tasks. Moreover, colours for girls room should be brighter.


Brains work better when we are sleeping

So if a kid needs to remember something fast, just ler him.... sleep!
To let information to enter long-term memory, we need time for certain chemical processes that occur.... only while sleeping!
Moreover, sleeping is rest for a body and brains, so a kid will feel better after it in any case.

When I was a student, we had a traditon to put a book with info we need to know by heart under the pillow when we sleep. And it must help us to remember it;)
Now I see that it works but not because of the book under the pillow;))

So, guys, have you discovered anything new?
Have you ever study anything during sleeping?:)


The ear listens, but the brain hears.

I thought it would be the other way round?

One thing I've noted and often tell other people with my kids, is that if the brain is not ready stuff won't go in no maqtter what you do.

Love the idea of learning by osmosis with the book under the pillow XD maybe I should have tried that one at uni ;D

There are many strategies that we can use to develop the potential of our brain and show children how they can do it is essential, thanks for this very informative post.

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