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My son has created his own tornado in the glass!

The story began when he saw Tornado in Youtube. He was impressed deeply. It's better not to meet real tornado but when it's handmade and in your own bottle, then it looks pretty nice, and we can enjoy its beauty.

Then occasionally we watched a video with home experiments, and there was Tornado! Bingo! No doubt we had to make it!

Do you wanna try to make it?
Show it to your kids, they will like it!

We need just:

  • water
  • vinegar (1-2 spoons)
  • liquid soap (1-2 spoons)


We take water
Then add vinegar



Now close the bottle and start to make circle shakings.......

Tornado will be born at once!




and the main is that this experiment can be done by kids by themselves, parents should only be nearby to help if necessary.

It looks magical and amazing! My boy loved it very much!

He took his bottle to anyone to show his tornado:)


Oh cool! We have tried connecting 2 bottles then shaking them to transfer the water from one to the other, thereby creating tornado, but not this one. This is so neat! We may try this soon!

cool! I'm glad you liked the idea;)

That looks really cool :D

And definitely much safer than observing a real tornado XD

You're not too far off the cloud in a jar experiment, have you tried that one yet?

This is a brilliant idea. Happy to know this kind of idea.

you're welcome! thanks!!

It's a wonderful idea I didn't know that could be done, I'm going to use it. Thanks for sharing

waoooo, it's the first time I've seen this experiment, what a surprise to see the tornado inside the jar.

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Oh my! This is awesome. Thank you for sharing. Your blog posts and ideas with the little ones have been awesome. Thank you for sharing.